Advantages of Wooden Side Gates for Your Home

Side gates can either be made from fabricated steel or strong durable wood such as Oak, Siberian Larch or Scandinavian Oak. Wooden gates have become increasingly popular as they fit in seamlessly with most gardens and outside environments.

There are advantages to having wooden gates – and below we’ll have a look at those:

Wooden Gates Advantages:

a) Durability: Along with the woods above there are numerous other wood types which are extremely durable and can withstand a huge amount of damage and are especially beneficial where a lot of physical damage may occur.

b) Rot & Fungus Resistant: Whereas metal is extremely prone to rust, wood is naturally resistant to any kind of deterioration by, for example, rot or fungus. Life spans for wood like Siberian Larch can be over 150 years in outdoor environments.

c) Sustainability: For those people who are trying to be as self-sustainable as possible using wood is something that can be sustained by the proper growing of trees on your land (or nearby acreages). Trying to create your own metal fabricated gates would obviously be a lot costlier and difficult to organise!

d) Stability: Wooden side gates (the ones listed and similar specialty woods) are prone to minimal expansion when exposed to heat or moisture.

e) Aesthetically Pleasing: Wooden side gates can become a stunning feature in any home and provide a beautiful, natural segue from the front of the garden to the back garden. Wood can obviously be treated with a whole range of stains from extremely dark to light sandy brown. Another great advantage wood has overt its steel counterpart is that as it ages it becomes even more beautiful and in tune with the garden (this is of course depending on the care afforded to it by the homeowner).

Advantages of Side Gates:

a) Security: Gates provide great security from intruders and statistics show that homes with side gates are far less prone to burglaries where side passages are unsecured.

b) Safety: No home is complete without the sound of children and animals playing – but safety must come first – especially if your home is near a main road. Sid gates will prevent children and pets accessing the front of the home with ease and can the lock can be raised to prevent children accessing it.

c) House Value: Homes with side gates are deemed more valuable due to their increased security and aesthetic value – so if you are going to invest make sure you get quality ones as you will reap the rewards if and when selling your home.