Adventures In The Trasnmitter – Rise Of The Robo Warriors

Hello, I go by the name of Zeke and the first thing that you will need to know is what a transmitter and secondly how I got stuck inside of one.

It's the year 2046 but in the year 2035, the technology is perfected by the Yoodle Corporation to manipulate dreams to the point where they can begin them, end them, script them and extend them. To put it simpler, whatever one can imagine in real physical life, the Yoodle cooperation can manifest in a dream, and they do. All through a machine called a; Reality transmitter. All you have to do is write out your script for whatever you dream you want, program it into the machine, step into the machine, and then experience the best of life in a SUPER VIVID dream.

Please do not think it's a dream like the one you had last night where you are barely lucid which you wake up and forget. These dreams are as vivid as real life and feel like real life because to most, they are even newer than life.

For a good while now, Yoodle has had access to information, images, activity and brainwaves of every single person, place or thing that ever came into existence. This is how they are able to represent anything in this program, that allows a user to be everywhere, be anyone, do anything, at any time for as long as they want. Like I said, all one has to do is enter Yoodle's machine, press a few buttons, and you are off. The machine will then put you to sleep and there starts your journey into the world of your own choosing.

So here we are today in 2045 where most working people no longer take vacations to new physical land. Rather, they choose to spend a week renting a reality transmitter so they can vacation at the home of some celebrity, dead or alive. Or, they will relive time spent with old friends or family members who had left planet earth decades before the present time.

And you can forget about the retirement home, because more than half of retirement age people do not retire anymore they just work their whole lives, buy a machine, go into this world and live a life where they are young again, until their real Body expires, totally eluding the effects of the aging process.

In this world, nearly everyone is chasing to accumulate wealth in order to buy one of these machines but these are very expensive machines. Brand new, they retail at $ 500,000 dollars, and you may be able to buy one used for $ 150,000 to $ 300,000. However, most people rent time on them at a Reality Transmitter Center, for anything from 50 to 100 dollars per hour.

Anyhow, so that is what the transmitters are all about, and what we do here at Yoodle is to constantly seek to improve their functioning and usability. We create all the transmitters in the world and also have them running on our network.

You may not believe it but we also have a top secret transmitter that affects reality, it is called the main transmitter. If you step into this machine, with a script programmed in, whatever you experience in the machine happens in real life the moment that you experience it. This machine is very powerful and can initiate severe universal concences, however, only one person in the world has permission to use this machine, so it is never misused.

So, It was just a regular day at my job here at Yoodle except for the fact that I worked twice time today because Ronin is on vacation this week. Also, for the same reason I was left with the task of closing up shop, which I dreaded. I just wanted to get home on time and be with my family.

The day went by fast but just as I was about to turn off the main transmitter, all the lights went out. I could not see a thing, but soon I began to hear what sounded like thousands of footsteps, of what seemed to be a complete army of soldiers entering the room. I still still fearing for what would come next as I knew this was not a friendly visit. Within a few moments my arms were wrestled behind my back as I was handcuffed and blindfolded. I still could not say a word, but then I heard him speak in a loud booming voice, "Get it out now, there is no time to delay!" I then began to hear what sounded like multiples sawing running at the same time. It was now clear what the purpose of their visit was, they were taking the main transmitter.

I stand there and pondered the horror of what these men would do with such a powerful weapon in their possession. They knew that Ronin would have stopped them and this is why they were here now.

Within no time, I heard a loud "clang" sound, which signaled to me that they had freed the main transmitter from its restraints. At that moment I was then dragged out the room, down the stairs and into a waiting vehicle. The vehicle began moving, and driving for what seemed like a day. At some point I fell asleep and seemed to have been taken into a building by these soldiers. I was only woken up by my head and my bottom hitting a cold cement floor. Then I suddenly became hyper-alert when I heard that loud, booming voice again, "so you know how to work this? Let's get to work now!", The man then removed the blindfold from before my eyes and what I saw was the Manifestation of my worst nightmare.

Ronin was in Brazil with Mandy lying down on a sandy beach overlooking the crystal blue waters when his watch began to beep.Ronan's Yoodle watch had never beeped before so this was definitely an emergency of the most serious kind.

Ronan sent a message to Zeke, but there was no response. He sent messages to other executives at Yoodle, but the messages all bounced back.

Ronan then turned to Mandy and said, "they got the main transmitter, somebody knew when I was going to be gone and they got the main transmitter." Said Ronan who was looking as though he had just seen a ghost.

"Calm down I'm sure you'll figure it out," said Mandy calmy.

"No, I'm not calming down, you do not understand, we've got to get back now!" Yelled Ronin as he began rolling up his sandy beach towel.

Once unblindfolded, I saw that I was in a vast one room building, with no windows and in the middle of the building was the main transmitter flanked with 500 US soldiers on every side acting as guards.

"Get up," said the man as he slapped me across my back.

I stand up. The men then dragged me towards the transmitter and held me before it.

"Here's the deal Mr. Zeke, you help us accomplish our goals with this thing and you live to see your little family." If you refuse, then you know what will happen, "said the man sternly.

"OK, I will help, just as long as you let me see my family again," I replied.

"We will run a little test here. I want you to cause an explosion in the Yankeee Stadium right now, during the baseball game," said the man.

I began to get nervous, I can not cause all of those lives to be lost. I did not know what to do. "I can not do that, too many lives will be lost, please do not do this," I begged.

"You will do as you're told, 'he said as he walloped me again on the back.

I really had no choice, so I programmed a script into the machine that an airplane would crash right in the middle of Yankee Stadium and sat in the machine.

"Just strap me up and then press that red button", I said to the man. I sat down in the machine, the man then strapped me in and I was in Yankee Stadium watching the game. The pitcher pitched, it was a strike. The pitcher pitched, it was a ball. The pitcher pitched, then it was a base hit. Then out of now a plane could be seen in the distance flying very low coming in our direction. The game stopped, suddenly everyone was in a frenzy, crazily trying to make their way out of the stadium. When I finally made it out, I heard a loud "crash" and saw smoke rising up and even out of the stadium, and then I woke up.

I stepped out of the machine to see three soldiers looking at their phones and not even paying any attention to me. The man then took out his phone and waited for a little while but nothing happened. "It did not work, do it again!" Yelled the man towards me as he grabbed my arm.

"No sir, look, a plane crashed in the middle of Yankee stadium but there were no cruelties," said a soldier reading a news update from his phone.

'NO CASUALTIES? !! "asked the man angrily.

"I'm sorry" I said, bowing my head, awaiting my consequence.

"Take him away, punish him, and bring him back just at the edge of death so we can begin to work our plan," said the man.

"No problem Mr.C," said a soldier as he and another dragged me away.

In the meanwhile Ronin was trying to rush back home but was facing the toughest of obstacles. He had made it out of the hotel but when he and Mandy reached the airport, it was another story. They made their way directly to the airport service center and asked to come back home but were denied.

"No, you do not understand, I need to get back home, the world is in danger," pleaded Ronin at the airport front desk.

"Danger? What are you? Superman?" Laughed the agent.

He continued, "Your flight home is not for another four days and you can buy a ticket but no flights are leaving here for another 14 hours."

"And there's no other options?" Asked Ronin.

"No other options," said the agent.

"OK," said a disappointed but resolute Ronin.

Ronin then turned to Mandy and said "Wow, 14 hours, just enough time for whoever has the main transmitter to do God knows what to the world."

"So what are you going to do?" Asked Mandy

"I've got to find a way out of here now …" replied a determined Ronin.

As Ronin and Mandy stood before the flight info display screen, he came up with a plan.

"Mandy, if we can get to Canada, we will be OK," said Ronin.

"Huh?" Asked Mandy.

"Just follow my lead," said Ronin as he dropped all the luggage and grabbed Mandy's hand.

'But what about our luggage and souvenirs?' Asked Mandy.

"I'd like to think that saving the world is more important than those things," said Ronin as he began leading Mandy to gate 45 planning to ignore all calls from anyone who tried to stop him.

When they finally got to gate 45 a voice on the intercom said, "last call for flight 705a to Montreal". One last elder man got up to go through the gate but before he could, Mandy and Ronin Burst right through the gate, and into the tunnel and boarded the plane. They quickly found a pair of empty seats toward the back and ducked down low.

While Ronin was trying to make his way back home, I was being beaten. I was being held in a pitch black room, and two soldiers were hitting me up and down with what seemed to be some sort of bamboo stick. All I know is that I was dizzy, could not feel my legs and I could barely see.

"The next time the boss asks something of you, you better deliver it to the last detail," said one soldier.

"OK … OK," I said barely being able to speak.

The door opened.

"Enough!" Said Mr. C at the top of his lungs.

"Clean him up, and bring him back inside, and I do not want one speck of blood on my machine," continued Mr. C.

"Yessir," said the soldiers in unison.

I thought about how Mr. C had claimed this machine as his own even though he had nothing to do with its creation, and I thought about how it would be all be over with when Ronin found out about this situation. The latter wave me just a little shiver of hope that helped me to go on.

The soldiers wiped me off with some toilet paper and bought me back in the building and thread me on the floor in front of the main transmitter and Mr. C.

"You do not look too good, I hope this will be a lesson to you," he said. C sarcastically.

"Yessir," I said humbly.

"Anyways, enough about you, I've got some work to do. I want you to program in me as the king of the world," said Mr.C.

"I'm sorry, but that will not work," I said while looking down and avoiding eye contact.

"WHAT !!! WHY !!!" Yelled Mr.C with his eyes bulging and raising his fist toward me.

I quickly responded, "No it's not my fault, if the machine's central intelligence system deems your request as something that is immoral or irrational, or unjust then it denies the request. I believe one person making them the king of the world would fall under The category of unjust. "

"And blowing up an entire baseball stadium is just?" One of the soldiers sarcastically replied.

"Yes, but no, there may be a reason to blow up an entire baseball stadium," I said.

"Like what?" Asked the soldier.

"Aliens," I replied.

"And aliens are rational …" said the soldier in sarcastic tone again.

Mr. C winced.

'He's lying sir, just make him write the script and program it,' said the soldier.

"You know you're right. Get in there Zeke and do as you were told. So I get up off the ground and program in the script for Mr. C to be the king of the world. Me in and send me off. He straps me in and then presses the button to send me off but then the machine makes a "beep" sound and shuts off.

"Try it again!" Said Mr. C angrily.

The soldier then presses the button again but the machine makes a "beep" sound again and shuts off.

"Arrgh. If I can not win the war in one day, I guess I'll just have to win many small battles until the ultimate victory is mine," says Mr. C. angrily.

Mr.C continued, "and get somebody here who has half a brain, I need someone to get into this thing and override this intelligence system." Mr.C then walked off.

Somehow Ronin and Mandy made it all the way to Montreal, Canada.Now all Ronin had to do was get off the plane and rent a car and then drive back to New York. However, after barging through everyone on their way to being first off the plane, they were met by six policemen in the tunnel.

"Parlez-vous Francais ou Anglais?" Asked one of the policemen to Ronin.

"Huh?" Asked Ronin.

"You two are coming with us," said the policeman.

"Why?" Asked Ronin.

"C'mon sir, you know what you did was illegal, and you are now under arrest," said the policeman.

After a few hours of thinking, Mr.C finally returned. He had come up with a plan.

"Listen up real good Zeke, I want you to put 2 billion dollars in my bank account" said Mr.C.

"Not going to work," I said nonchalantly.

"You might want to steer away the self-fish motives and think more about the collective," said one soldier jokingly.

"Shut up everyone! I am the one giving orders and suggestions around here not you! I do not pay anyone here for advice!" Yelled Mr.C.

"The collective, very insightful thoughtful," said Mr. C quietly as he went and sat down in a corner of the room alone.

After another hour of thoughtful silence, Mr. C thought of another plan.

"OK, Zeke, here it is. Program in an army of robots built along the same lines of the fictional Robocop, who only listened to my command. Half man, half robot, but the highest artificial intelligence. Nor evil but they are here to protect mankind from all threats. "

"OK," I said, "as I began programming the script into the main transmitter. When I finished I then sat in the transmitter then motioned to the soldier to strap me in. The soldier then strapped me in, and sent me off, As everything in my visual perception went dark.

Then I was back in the chair, Mr. C was in one corner of the building instructing the robo warriors what their job for this evening was. One of the robo warriors then rushed over to my side and said, "look Zeke …"

Then I woke up, or so I thought I did for a moment. I looked to the side of the room and Mr.C was in one corner of the room instructing the robo warriors about what their job for the evening was. One of them then rushed over to my side and said "look Zeke".

I replied "look at what?"

He then opened his hand and pointed it in the direction of about 250 American soldiers, pressed a button on his chest and suddenly a great wave of fire engulfed them all, leaving nothing but dust in their remains.

The remainderng 250 soldiers stood terrified, and not a sound could be heard in the building.Mr. C then began to clap slowly, then a few robo warriors followed him, then a few more, and then within no time, all of the robo warriors were clapping in unision with Mr. C. Mr.C then began to laugh hysterically such a maddening laugh that can only manifest when one comes to the realization that he can no longer be hindered and what you want can absolutely no longer be withheld from your grassp. I sunk my head. What in heaven's name did I just do?

Now that Mr.C had his Robo Warriors almost prepared for battle, there was a spring in his step and a certain sparkle in his eye. He approached me while I was sitting in the transmitter, "I am so glad that I have you Zeke, you've really made all my dreams come true." He then kissed me on the cheek.

He then turned to his head engineer who was working on updating the robots systems.

"Install mics and cameras on every one of them," said Mr.C.

"But sir, that will put us behind another 28 hours." You said that you wanted them ready by today, "said the engineer.

"OK fine, just install them in the general and lieutenants," said Mr.C compromising.

Two hours later, and after reinstalling and powering up all the robots the head engineer made the great proclamation,

"OK Mr.C we are about ready to hit the streets."

Within 20 minutes Mr.C had all the robots lined up in single file, Mr.C then laid in front of all the robots and made a speech,

You are the works of my hands and my commands are simple. You are to petrify, terrorize and destroy everything you see until we have control of New York, then the USA and then the world. Tople every police station, every street gang and just any threat that stands in our way!

Within hours, the Robo Warriors began to light the city a fire, with more fireworks than the fourth of July. The Robo warriors began by taking everyone captive and staring them in abandoned warehouses. Also, every police station in their sight was blown to smithereens. They were now the long arm of the law, and Mr.C was watching on his robot lieutenant's camera and enjoying every moment of it.

Meanwhile in Montreal, Ronan and Mandy were stuck in a holding cell when they were finally summoned to make a call.

Ronan got his chance first, so he called Zeke but got no answer.

"That's it, you're going back in," said the warden.

"But nobody answered," Ronan said.

"I do not care, one call that's all you get," said the warden.

"OK, so can he use my call since were together?" Asked Mandy.

The warden paused then said "OK fine, one more call, then nothing more than you two for the rest of the night."

"OK," said Ronan as he dialed again gingerly.

This time Ronan called the Yoodle emergency Security manager Paul McGwire.He was one of a handful of people who knew about the main transmitter. If there was anyone who could help them now, it was Paul.

"Ronan where are you?" Asked Paul.

"Me and Mandy are locked up in some jail here in Montreal, Canada," said Ronan.

"Wait … what? How?" Asked Paul.

"Well we were on vacation and learned that the main transmitter was stolen …" said Ronan nonchalantly.

"Wait … what? How ???? !!!!!!!" Asked Paul now raising his voice.

"Yup, what have you been underneath a rock or something?" Asked Ronan.

Paul paused for a moment, possibly looking at a news update then says, "I guess that would explain the appearance of these robots destroying New York city.

"Yup," Ronan said.

"Hold on," said Paul as he walked away from the phone for a minute.

"I can not get a hold of Zeke, I'm figuring that whoever got him, has also got the transmitter," continued Paul.

"Just as I thought! The main transmitter would not create anything unless it was built to be good. The only way the mastermind behind this can win is by using the good to commit evil.Deep down, these robots know the good that they Need to be doing, it's just to draw it out of them.

"Well, there's nobody better to do it than you Ronan," said Paul.

"I'm gonna head over there the moment that I get out," said Ronan.

"OK, we'll get you two first class tickets home, just head to the Trudeau airport, let me talk to the warden," said Paul.

"OK, thanks," said Ronan motivating then handing the phone to the warden.

Paul spent about 30 seconds speaking to the warden before he hung up the phone. The warden then turned to Ronan and Mandy and said, "Why did not you say that you work for Yoodle.You two are free to go."

At 2 am the next morning (6 hours later), Ronan finally made his way to an area of ​​Brooklyn New York where the robots were preparing to firebomb the whole burrough.

Luckily the police had intercepted them and were trying to intervene, but it was to no avail. It was now a standoff between a gang of the robots and a whole army police station.

They were all standing across a busy highway with about 20 robots on one side, and 50 policemen lined up on the other side. All parties had their weapons drawn.

Ronan made his way to the police chief who was standing at one end of the line and offered up some friendly advice,

"I know something that can make our lives dealing with these robots easier," said Ronan.

"Which is?" Asked the intensely curious policeman.

"Well, you might not believe this but they are not evil at all." "Deep down they have a heart that works just like ours. You just have to know how to communicate to their core," said Ronan.

"Are you saying that you have to reason with these inhumane, merciless, terrorists?" Asked the frustrated lawyer.

"Yes," said Ronan.

"OK, I'm definitely not the man for the job, they just blew up 100 plus of my coworkers without even winking an eye," said the policeman.

"OK I'll handle this," said Ronan assuredly.

"As you wish," said the policeman as he moved to his men.

Ronan then crossed the barrier with his hands in the air. But the Robots did not lower any weapons.

"Who among you is the leader?" Yelled Ronan as he inched closer to the robots.

"Mr.C is our master and leader, Mr.C is our master and leader" replied the robots in unison.

Ronin paused for a moment at the utterance of Mr.C's name. The last he had heard of Mr.C, he was dead. Now he is the one commandeering these robotic soldiers? This must mean he has the main transmitter, or he is in league with somebody who has it. The mission was now simple, find Mr.C, find the main transmitter. The task of finding the head robot in charge, not so simple.

"OK, who among you is the general?" Asked Ronan.

"Number 10000 cc is our general, number 10000 cc is our general," said the robots in unison.

"Can you please call him for me!" Yelled Ronan.

One of the robots pressed a button and within 30 seconds an 8 foot 3 inches tall robot enters the picture on a silver mechanical horse. He descends the horse and then walks and stands before Ronin. He then grabs Ronin's neck roughly.

Ronan gasped then said, "it's not my intention to engage in combat with you … I only want to know the reason you are doing what you are doing"

"We are loyal soldiers who are only doing the work of our master, Mr.C. He has tasked us with the moral cleansing of the nation, and this is exactly what we are doing," said 10,000 cc in a booming robotic voice as He let go of Ronan's neck.

"But do not you see that what you are doing is wrong?" Asked Ronan.

"Wrong?" Asked 10,000 cc.

"You are traumatizing, impersonating and killing innocent people. You are a destroying public and private property," said Ronan.

"How?" Asked 10,000 cc really pondering Ronan's statement.

At the same time Mr.C began looking and listening into 10000 cc's video feed. "Who is that talking to my general? And why is not he killing him?" Asked Mr.C frantically to his head engineer who was standing at a desk nearby. The engineer did not reply.

Mr.C looked closer into the camera. "Is that … Is that Ronan meddling in my business again?" Continued Mr.C.

"All of the people you have victimized were innocent people, they did nothing wrong but you were so caught up Mr.C's mission that you forgot to think for yourself," said Ronan sincerityly.

Mr.C could then hear over 10000 cc ''s internal mic, "Ronan shut up. 10000 cc do not listen to him, blast him right now 10000 cc you useless piece of metal," said Mr.C sternly.

"Yes sir," said 10,000 cc as he raised his robotic right arm while allowing for the end of a 12 gage shotgun to replace his stiff metal fist.

10000 cc then paused.

Ronan asked again, "Do not you see that what you're doing wrong? Do not you?"

"Yes, we do," said 10,000 cc. 10000 cc then press a gray button to the side of his heart.

"We will all now self-destruct. It is the right thing to do and we have already done so much wrong. We were created to do good and failed to do good. Thank you sir Ro-nan," said 10,000 cc. 10000 cc then stuck his robotic hand out to shake as Ronan shook his hand. All of the robots then began to dismantle themselves simultaneously, gradually leaving thousands of pieces of formless metal in their stead.

"WHAT IN THE … HAPPENED?" Yelled Mr.C while watching his dream become a nightmare. "My precious robots … they are all gone," he claimed.

The head engineer then walked over to Mr.C and said, "Sir if I may interject you were the one who asked for them to have high ultra artificial intelligence. In the human mind, if one has high artificial intelligence, when confronted with a Moral situation where they are required to choose the right or the wrong, they will always choose right, and these befits the right. "

Mr. C did not respond. He just peered into the distance angrily then he uttered, "If dominion over the world demands persistence, then persistence is what it will get."

"Zekeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," yelled Mr.C at the top of his lungs.