Advertising Wall Clocks – Advertising on Every Wall

Wall clocks are one of those types of promotional materials that do not seem to go out of fashion. Despite the fact that these clocks are very old promotional gifts, companies today still freely use them as a means to promote their business. But being an old promotional material and one that has seen continuous use through these years, advertising wall clocks have to be continuously modified in order to make them remain effective promotional tools up to the present.

Designing Advertising Clocks

Any type of wall clock can be used as Advertising Wall Clocks. The key here is to see to it that the clock has enough area to which the name or the logo of the company can be printed for everyone to see. In some cases, innovation is taken further and even the shape of the clock itself is also critical. Here are some tips that you can do to obtain positive results with your Advertising Wall Clocks:

  • The shape of the clock must bear some semblance to the nature of the business the promotional company is engaged in. For example, companies that are producing food products may use a particular food of a certain shape. A company producing school and office supplies will do well to come up with advertising wall clocks in the shape of a pen or a notebook.
  • In other instances, Advertising Wall Clocks sport innovative design of the hands. A favourite and common example of promotional companies is to replace the minute hand with a spider moving around a web that passes through the numbers of the clock.
  • Gone are the days when clocks nothing to remind the owner of the time other than displaying it. To improve on this, use a unique clock that stirs a tune preferably every hour or announces the hour in a male of female voice. Other kinds of clocks also have a programmable scheme that allows the clock to serve as an alarm clock to remind of appointments or chores that has to be done.
  • Advertising Wall Clocks of today are not simply clocks. They are usually a combination of a clock and some other function that manifests the creative nature of manufacturers. Some examples include clocks that also serve as an emergency light. There are clocks that are available with a mirror. There are also clocks that has a small cabinet for storage of miniature things.