Advertising Your Business With Vinyl Lettering Is Easy, Affordable and Will Last for Years

Create your own sign with the foremost choice in signage; our sturdy, weather-resistant custom vinyl banners are an excellent choice for outside or indoor use. Style your own banner by adding graphics to push your event, celebrate a birthday or day of remembrance, or announce the launch of your new business. Custom vinyl cut banners are sturdy and can be ordered in a variety of weights for indoor or outdoor use. These materials are the same material that the majority billboards are created out of. Most banners have a strength of 153 lbs x 149 lbs, a tear resistance of 66 lbs x 63 lbs, a temperature resistance of -22F to 180F, and have passed the Calif. State firefighter, NFPA 701 Flame check. Be sure that when purchasing that you select the correct type of material for your needs. Some materials are manufactured for strictly indoor use and are not recommended for those that may want to display these outside.

Installation is very simple and can be done by almost anyone.

One of the easiest types of advertising to install, most banners use some type of strings, cords or bungees to connect the corner grommets to a stationary object. Poles, fences trees, walls or just about any area you like can be adjusted to hang your banner. For a more permanent mounting you can use screws and washers to mount your banner to a more solid surface such as concrete and wood.

Care of your vinyl lettering and banners:

Taking care of your banners and custom vinyl lettering is easy and requires little effort. I recommend that clean them often with a little warm water and a clean cloth. Simply wipe them down and allow them to air dry. When storing your banners it is recommended that you first clean them thoroughly with warm water and allow to dry; then either store flat or roll banner and store in a tube to protect he banner from being crushed and possibly damaged. All vinyl banners and lettering should be stored in a cool dry place. When taking your banner out for use, simply unroll and take out any wrinkles that may have formed by placing in the banner in the sun or a warm area for a couple hours and it should look as good a new!

Vinyl lettering and banners get the needed information to your customers in an easy yet direct manner and are one of the most reasonably priced forms of advertisement for your business.