Advice About Buying a Range Cooker

When it comes to buying the ultimate cooking appliance that can add a touch of class and quality in your kitchen you won’t find a better oven than a range cooker. For novice and skilled cooks alike, these cookers provide all of the essential features to make certain food is cooked to its absolute best. There are a number of manufacturers of range cookers like AGA, Rangemaster, Brittania and Falcon, but before you go buying a new cooker there are some things to take into consideration.

Range cookers

Contemporary range cookers are built with the most recent smart technology to ensure your cooking experience will be as easy and practical as possible. Developments in the systems used to operate these cookers means your oven will be convenient, adaptable and economical.

One of the primary decisions you will need to make is the amount of overall flexibility you are going to want from your oven and hob. Think about what your cooking habits are most likely to be then choose a cooker that can provide enough burner types, sizes and numbers in addition to enough ovens to deal with the demands placed on it. Make certain that the size of cooker you buy can fit within the space allocated inside your kitchen.

When you understand how big the cooker should be, you need to make a decision on fuel type. In many respects this will be dictated by the supply to your home but you should also consider what best suits your cooking requirements. Gas and electric cookers – known as dual fuel cookers – are the most common type with gas burners on the hob and electric ovens. Gas offers the greatest managed heat while preparing food on the hob and electric ovens are best for speed and multi-functionality. If you opt for a four oven cooker you’ll have the choice of using a traditional oven, fan oven, simmering oven and ceramic grill.

Your range cooker should have a number of systems to aid your cooking experience. One of the handy pieces of technology installed in modern day ovens is the electronic programmer. This is of great benefit to individuals with full lifestyles or families as it gives you the option to program when the oven is to start and finish cooking. Features like fast pre-heat can bring the oven up to cooking temperature more rapidly than standard ovens saving you both time and expense.

AGA – king of the cookers

There is one name that is associated with quality appliances and that is AGA. AGA cookers are the modern extension of the famous heat storing AGA offering the same traditional look and construction quality but with all the options you would find on a range cooker.

AGA have enhanced the control systems for their cookers to give you total confidence that you are cooking food at its best. The easy to clean surfaces, die-cast sturdy doors and multiple ovens provide the best cooking appliance for any kitchen.

The classic design of an AGA range cooker will become the focal point of your kitchen. The models available have been designed to match the size of regular kitchen units and there’s a variety of colours to suit most tastes. Purchasing an AGA will ensure that you get a cooker that has longevity and one that offers excellent cooking results.