Aerospace Engineer Salary

Aerospace engineering is one field of engineering that promises a rewarding career. This profession is engage in coming up with missile, aircraft and spacecraft's design. Manufacturing and enhancing the spacecraft and aircraft is also part of its job description. Mastery and application of mathematics and physics is essential in this field of engineering. One thing that makes this career even more lucrative is the many career opportunities presented in public and private area making aerospace engineers the highest paid engineers.

Those who aspire to take on this career will have to take the bachelor's degree in an accredited institution for five years. Why are many people interested in becoming aerospace engineers? For one thing this is one career that is very productive. One sad truth about job hunting is it's either you do not get hired because you lack the experience being a newly graduate or you are offered a low salary. A new aerospace engineer salary can get a very promising rate and records show that in the United States, aerospace engineer fresh graduate applicants get the highest salary which is about $ 40,000. The good job security aerospace engineer has is so appealing. The starting salary is just a little lower to the salaries of other engineers in other fields and eventually becomes the highest median salary for all engineers. Theses engineers are looking at the possibility of the median annual starting salary reaching up to $ 100,000.

Career growth for this engineer degree continues as they progress in their studies. The starting salary for those with master's degree is $ 62,000 and $ 74,000 for those who will decide to advance to doctorate level.

The reason these professionals prefer to be employed by the private sector is the salary offered here which is relatively higher compared to the public sector. It is a different story if the engineer is employed at National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA. At NASA, the aerospace engineer can earn as much as $ 108,000 for an average annual salary. National Space Science Data Center, Department of Defense, United States Navy, Federal Aviation Administration and national Laboratories are some federal government agencies that require the expertise of engineers. Those who prefer to work in the private sector can choose among these companies. These are; Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, SAIC, General Dynamics, United Technologies and Boeing. Incidentally, Boeing pays the highest salary among all the private companies.

Aerospace professionals have another option and that is a teaching position in the college level. They will become qualified in this teaching position if they have a doctorate degree.

Engineering students must realize that the internship programs offered in college are very important because they open a lot of doors for them when they finally graduate and hunt for a job. One internship program that is being sought for by many is the one offered by National Aeronautics Space Administration. These internship programs are being provided by schools to give students the chance to have possible contacts or employees.