Affiliate Marketing Plan – Set Up Your Niche Business on Auto Pilot in Days!

Are you struggling to make your niche campaigns bring the money for you? The PASSIVE money? Stop looking around – all you need is here. So just spend a few minutes reading this article, and go implement. You should see real results in no more than 7 days.

Affiliate marketing plan for an auto pilot niche business:

1) Do niche research. Find a group of people who have similar problems. The more of them, the better for you. Find out whether they spend money to solve their problems. Find out what exactly they think can solve them. Do not make a mistake here – let THEM decide what they need. You do not need to give people what they really need, to become successful online. What you have to do, is give them what they WANT. Because if they want something, no matter ho hard you try, they will only buy what they want, not what YOU think they NEED.

2) Make 3 products. E-books, each solving one or more of their main problems. These ebooks have to be of a great value. Extremely powerful information, on all three. One e-book you will use as a free guide, to collect people`s names and email addresses. The other two you will be promoting to your subscribers. You will charge $ 7- $ 15 for each, and keep 100% of the profits to yourself.

3) Get your squeeze page ready. A simple HTML file with an opt-in box that you get the code for from Aweber, and a bulleted short list of what people will get by downloading your free e-book.

4) Get the follow-up email messages ready. First three messages should be free quality content only. On the fourth, one you can start promoting your paid ebook. If you built trust and good relationship with your subscribers on the first 3 messages, this e-book should convert at 4% AT LEAST. A good thing is to have at least 15 messages on your follow-up sequence. The more, the longer you will profit from this campaign.

5) Just drive traffic to your squeeze page!

Now, this might seem like a lot of work, and it actually is. This all set up can take up to 80 hours if you do it all from scratch yourself. But if you work smart, and build a huge list of subscribers fast, you will start making money in just a few days. And all is passive income!