Aga Cooker – Cooking Christmas Dinner On An Aga Cooker

An Aga  Cooker  is an amazing  cooker  at the best of times, however when Christmas comes around it really comes into it’s own. Just imagine; it’s Christmas Eve and you have made your list of Christmas food, possibly prepared vegetables and got all the pans ready for the Christmas day cooking marathon to come.

If you were to use a normal  cooker  or even a range  cooker  the chances are that you will have to slave over it for most of Christmas morning, however, if you were to be lucky enough to own an Aga  cooker  the chances are that most of the hard work will happen in the background whilst you are free to enjoy Christmas morning with the family.

Once you have prepared the turkey all you want to do is get it into the oven and cook it, however to do that and still be able to eat it hot, without the dreaded re-heat, can be a problem. The other struggle you will face when cooking it on Christmas morning is oven space, or should I say, the lack of it. Assuming you will be cooking roast potatoes, sage and onion stuffing and possibly three other vegetables it is likely that unless you have at least two ovens it will be difficult to cook them at the same time.

Working with an Aga  cooker  is simply a breeze as the four ovens are all continuously at temperature, so there is no waiting for them to heat up, and as they are all at different temperatures you can move food around making sure that it is not overcooked but is always kept warm.

The secret ingredient when cooking Christmas dinner on the Aga  cooker  is the warming oven, this is where you would normally warm plates or cook food as you would in a slow  cooker . If you are looking to reduce the stress of cooking the turkey on Christmas morning use the warming oven, as it operates at a low temperature, you put the turkey into a tray and slip it into the oven before retiring to bed; it will gently cook for around eight hours and then in the morning you will be amazed to see that it is cooked perfectly. You will simply have to brown it a little and it will be ready to serve.

Cooking it this way will also free up space in the roasting oven for the roast potatoes and other vegetables. The trick is planning ahead and you manage your precious time and lessen the stress of cooking the Christmas dinner. The Aga  cooker  also has the added benefit that no matter how much spillage you have you won’t have to clean it up as the constant heat burns it off.