Aga Cookers – The S Series – Unconventionally Beautiful!

There's an Aga cooker for every kitchen. And one for every cook. The S series is causing an ongoing stir with its unconventional angle on conventional cooking. There's the gorgeous Aga Masterchef series, a joy for foodies everywhere. And there's AGA Modules, a nifty solution that delivers complete cooking flexibility.

If you're after a classic heat storage cooker, you can not go far wrong. There's a choice of two, three and four oven models, all of which run just as cleanly and efficiently on natural gas, propane or oil – either Kerosene or diesel. Aga's conventional cooker, the S series, has made a big splash in the media for exceeding people's expectations on relability, performance and style. And the Aga Integrated Module and Freestanding Module – previously called the 'Companion' – offers the same superb cooking versatility as ever. Reliable good looks. A clever mix of conventional electric oven, integral grill and electric fan oven. Plus a choice of either a free standing or attached hot plate.

If you're concerned with green issues, you'll find Aga is hot on the heels of the latest developments in greener cooking technologies. But there's more. On a simple, practical level once you have an Aga cooker you'll be able to get rid of a whole load of other gadgets and save even more cash on energy. Aga cookers make lovely, crunchy toast and succulent toasted sandwiches, so you can ditch your toaster and bury your Breville! There's no need for an electric kettle – a range cooker will boil your kettle much faster. You will not need a bulky, ugly electric bread making machine because Agas are renowned worldwide for turning out mouth-wateringly fragrant hand baked breads and cakes. Your tumble drier becomes redundant and there's no more need for radiators in your kitchen … or in the surrounding rooms.

How many miles does an Aga travel? The Aga cooker is made right here in the UK so although it's heavy, it does not have to travel far. As well as employing a whole load of highly skilled people in awkward sleepy Shropshire, the company has sheled out a grand £ 7 million so far to ensure carbon and other emissions from the foundry are cut to the bone. In fact it's so important to the local area and the nation's industrial history that the Aga cookers factory has been named a UN World Heritage site!