Air Conditioner Compressor

The air conditioner compressor is usually located outdoors together with the condenser. Most residential air conditioners have their air conditioner compressor combined into a single unit which is sealed. The compressor motor works like a pump which is responsible for moving hot refrigerant gas from indoors of a building through the air ducts and evaporator coil. It then condenses the refrigerant gas causing it to have high pressure and high temperature.

The compressor contains a cylinder which has a piston. The piston moves up and down, drawing in the refrigerant gas on the down stoke and then compressing the gas on the upstroke. The AC compressor is not only found in buildings, but also in cars. The function concept in both building and automobile is the same.

The compressor performs the greatest role in air conditioning. As such, one should ensure that regular maintenance is performed on it in order to make sure it is in perfect working condition. Regularly, clean in and around the conditioner that holds the AC compressor. Remove any objects that might be hindering the smooth flow of air into the condenser. Such include grass, weeds, vines and tree leaves, making sure there is at least 1 foot of clear area around the condenser.

In case one has a worn out or damaged compressor, replacing should not be a problem. Your compressor should have the serial number and model number etched into a metal plate on the compressor. Note These numbers down then shop around to find that kind of compressor.

If your warranty period has not yet expired, well, do not bother shopping for another compressor. Instead contact the manufacturers of your air conditioner and give them the air conditioner compressor details. The manufacturers will most likely replace it or give you a rebate on a new one. Ideally, all homeowners should make it a habit to clean it once a year just before winter when uninstalling it.

For the air conditioner compressor found in cars, it is advised to regularly check to make sure it is not damaged. Look for cracks, worn out parts and looseness. Also check the tubes that are attached to the AC compressors and check for any damage or wear. Replace all damaged tubes. Turn on the car and then turn on the air conditioner and try changing the temperature. If one does not feel any temperature change within a few minutes, or if one notices the air conditioner compressor is damaged, then having it looked at by a professional, replacing it with a new one if so required.