Air Conditioner Duct Cleaning – Rotobrush Business Opportunity

Air conditioner duct cleaning when combined with cleaning coils, is said to improve energy efficiency by 30 percent. If you clean the clothes dryer vent and remove blockages during the same service call, you can eliminate a fire hazard and cut the time necessary to dry clothes as well. Rotobrush duct cleaning machines operators can earn significant income even part time. What else will you need to know to evaluate the benefits of central air duct cleaning?

Benefits of Cleaning Air Ducts

Rotobrush International, LLC is headquartered in Grapevine, Texas and has been manufacturing duct cleaning machines for over twenty years. They are a manufacturer, not a franchisor. Lane Jeffryes, a 15 year Lennox veteran is the new CEO and President.

In addition to air conditioner duct cleaning, to improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency, Rotobrush operators may also install additional insulation where needed and seal ductwork. According to Rotobrush, 25-45 percent of heating and cooling energy is lost due to leakage, and 45 percent of a home's heat loss comes from inadequate insulation.

You may also notice an improvement in indoor air quality.

Rotobrush Business Opportunity

Rotobrush claims annual income available from working part time with 1-3 jobs per week, can amount to $ 25,000- $ 75,000. A typical initial investment of $ 15,000 is required and financing is available with $ 5,000 down payment, putting the initial outlay lower than most business opportunities.

Duct cleaning machines use a motor to turn a belt driven cable that runs through the vacuum hose to spin the brush. Operators report their sales increase significantly when also purchasing a camera attachment to show prospective customers the inside of the ductwork.

The length and vacuum power of the Rotobrush equipment is suited to residential use, but you will probably need to look at different equipment for commercial applications. The duct cleaning machines can be operated by a single individual on the job site.

Rotobrush offers RotoConnect, an online forum where members in related fields can ask questions, share ideas and help each other.

The central air conditioner duct cleaning machines do come with marketing materials and ideas, but you really need to do your own market analysis, and create a more comprehensive marketing plan, to develop enough new customers to support and profit from your investment.