Air-Conditioner in an Interior

As far as interior is concerned, air conditions have become a common sight in commercial spaces and also at residential places. Due to changing climate in our city, air-conditions can bring comfort in the spell of really hot weather.

The principle of air conditioning is exactly the same that makes refrigerator work. The refrigerant liquid is pumped around a continuous closed circuits loop through two sets of coils. First it enters the evaporator coil where the liquid absorbs heat from surrounding air and becomes gas. Then it passes through a compressor which compresses the gas and turns it into a liquid, this liquid passes through the condensing coil thus cooling the inside of the unit. Then with the help of fan the air is blown over this coil in the room. This air blown over the coil cools the room making the indoor temperature of the room cooler.

In the field of interior, there are two main types of air-conditions used in Indian homes. The first is window type unit. This unit has all the required coils fitted into a single casing and can be installed into a window opening or opening made in an external wall. These units are comparatively noisier than the second type as motor, fan, compressor and coils are fitted in one unit, but installing this is comparatively simple and the maintenance of this unit is also easy. These window units are comparatively cheaper than the other variety.

Window units are very efficient to cool small rooms, which are less deep as the throw from this unit is not that deep. Typical size of the cut out required for this unit in the wall or window is around 17 "x 26" and the weight would be about 50 to 60 kg per unit. Power supply required for this unit would be for 15 Amp plug. It is advisable to fix MCB of the required load at this junction.

Window units are very easy to control and simple to maintain. A regular cleaning of the filter can save the service contracts.

The second type of AC units available are split type which consist of two units joint together with copper tube. The indoor unit consists of cooling coil and fan and the outdoor unit the noisy one consists of compressor and the condenser coil. This unit is to be placed outside within 30 'distance.

There are different types of Indoor units available. They could be wall mounted, ceiling mounted or floor mounted. This makes things simple for the user as it can be fixed any where but within a distance of 30 'from the outdoor unit. And the only physical link between the indoor and outdoor unit is slim refrigerator tube and thin electric cable. Split units are normally operated with either cordless remote or remote with cord hanging below the indoor unit. As this unit is slightly complicating, it is advisable to hire the services of professional establishment for servicing and maintaining it.

Normally split units are 50% costlier than the window type but they are very silent.

Third type of unit is package unit, which is normally used to cool huge interior areas, and they require ducting to be done above the ceiling or on the walls.

As these units are huge in size valuable floor space gets wasted plus if it fails the total area stays without air-condition.