Air Conditioners Are a Necessity in Summers

Global warming has led to hotter summers and humid atmosphere. People are in dire need of cool temperatures. They have to resort to air conditioners to combat unfavorable summer weather conditions. Temperatures are rising and everyone wants a relief from heat and humidity.

Air conditioner manufacturers are enjoying this season because the demand has gone up drastically and people want to install air conditioner in every room to get relief from heat.

Central Government have made it mandatory to star-rate their products and Air conditioner manufacturers have started supplying large number of these products due to their growing demand. In fact there is a waiting period of some two-three weeks for five-star rated products, although AC-cost is higher by Rs.1000-2000, depending on the model. As per air conditioner suppliers, there is an increase in sales by 40-50%, since June last year.

This summer has brought a boom for the air conditioner manufacturers. These summers are the money spinners for them, thanks to mercury level touching record high. AC suppliers had started experiencing higher sales since mid-February, in western and southern region, primarily. But now, the sales are directed more towards northern India. In fact Companies had not experienced this kind of sales even last year.

In India, Voltas is the lead manufacturer and seller and is expecting a figure of 1million. The next best player called LG will experience a record high with expected figure amounting to some 12lakh units this season.

The demand is more through residential customers, who want to get relief after the days' work. The demand is primarily attributed to soaring temperatures. Earlier people get relief from the water-coolers. But now the investment difference is quite low. Moreover, earning capacity has increased tremendously. Therefore, people want to invest in star-rated ACs – a necessity in summers.

AC-sale is no more limited to upper strata of the society. It comes from middle-class also. This is the reason that AC manufacturers and AC suppliers have not increased the prices in accordance with the rise in prices of raw material. The sales volume will automatically reap benefits for the manufacturer and supplier, both.