All About Bamboo Flooring

Caring for Your Floor

Caring for you bamboo flooring is really important to keep it look new and shiny. Most manufacturers provide you with a simple set of guidelines to follow. These guidelines help you care for your flooring, but in case you do not get these tips with your floor it is important to call your manufacturer, and find out what to do in this situation.

Here are some tips you can follow when caring for bamboo flooring.

o Place rubber pads under the legs of your furniture to prevent scratches or scuff marks.

o Also, never drag furniture across the floor, instead carry it.

o You should avoid letting sharp objects come in contact with the floor. You can do this by keeping the floor clear of debris, and also by making sure that pets in the home have clipped nails to insure that it does not scratch the flooring.

o Because bamboo flooring is a hardwood, it can absorb moisture easily which is why you should always clean up spills immediately to prevent staining.

o You should never use any kind of harsh chemicals on bamboo flooring, and you should never use any kind of household cleaners or oils without recommended by the manufacturer.

o Use blinds or curtains to protect the floor from powerful UV rays that can fade or damage the floor.

o Keeping the floor out of direct sunlight by using these methods will protect it from any harm done by sunlight. Place a pan underneath plants, so that no moisture will make contact with the floor. And again, use mats and area rugs whenever the floor could come in contact with water, or just in high traffic type areas of your home.

o Use only the recommended cleaner for you bamboo flooring.

o Use a soft cloth that will not scratch the floor, some bamboo floors are softer than others making them more susceptible to scratching, so be careful with your flooring and be sure to read all instructions for care and maintenance.

What are the Downsides to Bamboo Flooring?

There are some health risks involved with certain bamboo flooring. Formaldehyde is something that occurs naturally both outdoors and indoors, and it can cause symptoms such as itchy watery eyes and even in some cases skin irritation. But most of the time formaldehyde is not much of a worry, because it takes a large amount to really affect someone. Bamboo floors can sometimes contain a small amount of formaldehyde, but it is nothing to worry about, so do not sweat it!

Formaldehyde is found in all different kinds of things such as paints, tobacco smoke, cosmetics and even wood burning stoves. Obviously bamboo floors do not contain enough formaldehyde to actually cause damage. They have made many tests on bamboo flooring and discovered that it really does not have that many problems. Although some people complain about scratches and dents, but that is something which can happen with any hard wood flooring not just bamboo. Plus, some even enjoy the rustic look that it has over a long period of time. But most of all bamboo floors are durable which provides you with the secure flooring you need in your home or office.