All About Clay Tile Roofing

One of the most liked and popular choices of tile roofs include clay tiles as they are attractive, durable and long lasting, many people love having clay tiled roof. Generally, clay tiles are easily maintained as there is little or no maintenance required for quite a few years after installation.

Clay tiles are simple to manufacture. Although the traditional tiles were made with a mixture of aggregates and clay, rolled out in rectangular shapes, each of them had two holes for fixing it later to the roof. The wet clay tiles were dried and then fired in a kiln. Basically, each of the clay tile roofs was constructed of baked clay tiles. During the kiln firing, the shape of the tile was tilted, which gave it a different look, adding to the beauty of the tiled roof. Originally, the uneven temperatures, hand molding and crafting process lead to the variations in shape and size. There was difference in the hues and color due to the mix of clay, length of the firing and different temperatures contributed to it.

There was much experimentation during the Victorian era and numerous multicolored tiles were produced by varying heat and kiln firing duration. However, the modern techniques, high quality dyes and productions have eliminated the guesswork from tile manufacture.

Irrespective of where you are residing, tiles are an excellent choice for residential roofs as they are pest resistant, fire and decay redundant. As fired clay tiles are durable and hard, they are not easy to break and it is common to get the decking replaced while the tile roof is re-installed. These are perfect for giving the Mediterranean, Spanish and Italian look to the homes. And if you are looking for a modern townhouse, you’ll not be surprised to see clay tile roof there.

However, it is better to be aware that tile roofing is heavy and expensive to install but there is a wide choice o available colors, styles and brands that you can select from. As it is low maintenance, the cost of installation may be on the higher side but that is averaged out due to low or no maintenance. However, experts advice against walking the tile roof as they are prone to breaking if high pressure is applied. Thus, it might be best to call in the roofing experts when you require cleaning the gutters, clean fireplaces or cleaning the roof.

Additionally, other benefits of using tiles as roofing material are that they are non-combustible, so they don’t catch fire at all. With a variety of available shapes and colors, you can sure make your home look elegant yet unique. When suitable attention is paid on its maintenance, clay roofs can look like new for years to come. Periodic cleaning is needed to ensure that the tile roof does not sprout leaks and remove leaves from the gutters before the rainy season hits your hometown. When you are looking for hassle free roofing, go with a tiled roof.