All About The Yamaha HTR-2067 AV Receiver

When most people think of sound, they think of speakers, headphones and the like. An AV receiver doesn’t exactly come to mind. However, it’s a very important part of your audio or home theater system. And the Yamaha HTR-2067 is an audio video receiver that will let you enjoy your music and movies for many years to come… In this guide, we’ll talk a bit more about the Yamaha HTR-2067 AV receiver to help you make an informed buying decision. So, here goes…

This AV receiver boasts powerful surround sound and super high resolution images. It has 5-channel surround sound as well as discrete amp configuration. It has HDMI with 4K Ultra HD pass-through for super high resolution images and powerful bass sound even with small speakers. A virtual CINEMA FRONT provides virtual surround sound with 5 speakers in front.

This receiver results in very high image clarity. 4K Ultra HD refers to four times the resolution of a 1080p display. This receiver is capable of passing the 4K Ultra HD data from the source to the monitor, for image clarity far beyond present standards.

The Yamaha HTR-2067 AV receiver can handle 3D signal data. The Audio Return Channel function enables data to be sent and received via the same HDMI cable, so you can hear the sound from the TV via a single HDMI cable, with no need for an extra optical cable.

This receiver comes with a SCENE button. Pressing this button powers on the audio video receiver and selects the input source and DSP mode. You can reset the buttons for different sources by selecting a source and DSP mode, then pressing a SCENE button for more than three seconds.

This receiver comes with Virtual CINEMA DSP. This means that even when it is impossible to install surround speakers behind the listening position, Virtual CINEMA DSP reproduces virtual 5-channel surround sound filled with realism, with only two front speakers. Virtual CINEMA FRONT brings virtual 5-channel surround sound even by installing surround speakers at the front. This brings more flexibility to arrange your speakers inside the room.

So, this is a brief introduction to the Yamaha HTR-2067. Do check it out and compare it with other AV receivers in this class and then make an informed decision. This receiver also boasts an optimum price performance ratio, which ensures that you get great value for money. Here’s to excellent audio and video at home…