All About Yale Lever Hoist

When it comes to hoist apparatus, no other company in the world can match the toughness of the Yale Industrial Products. The company of Yale International has manufacturing units that are situated around the world to give its clients the best that money can buy.

The Yale Company has lots of networks and distributors in different countries to offer wider selection of their products, thus, giving its customers the opportunity to choose for their many applications. The company has its two divisions that are based on the product type and these are the:

• Lifting Division- It offers a great range of comprehensive lifting, jacking, and pulling products as well those of materials in handling systems. The division focuses on the installation, supplying, and servicing of the products and systems that are ready in every technical needs.

• Engineering Division- This division offers a wider range of technical services that include electro-linear actuators, mechanical actuators, industrial seals, rotary joints, and jack systems.

With regards to its products, Yale Company offers their clients well designed products from hoists, clamps, trolleys, jacking systems, actuators, and moving equipment. For the hoist product alone, there are lots of types to choose from. Types of hoist include lever hoists, electric chain hoist, hand chain hoist, air chain hoists, and hoists for dangerous atmospheres.

In purchasing for lever hoist, these are also categorized into for types. With four types of Yale lever hoists, you can get the required application for every hoist chosen. Below are the four kinds of Yale lever hoists:

• The Pull-lift lever hoist – this hoist is versatile to use in lifting, fastening, pulling, stretching, or dragging. The operation is quite safe and also simple. It can also be used for every angled position even when the object is upside down. The pull-lift lever hoist comes with the model C85 by means of roller chain with load capacities of 750 kg to 10,000 kg. The model D85 has a load capacity of 750 kg to 10,000 kg while the model D95 has the load capacity of 1,500 to 3,000 kg. All components of the Yale lever hoists are made of high quality materials.

• The Model Buffalo – this kind of lever hoist with link chain has a load capacity of 750 kg to 6,000 kg. The model Buffalo features a compact design with robust and embossed steel construction. This hoist has the solid chain guide, double pawls, and a short hand lever.

• The “Little Mule” hoist – this hoist also have a load capacity of 750 kg to 6,000 kg. This versatile hoist is also for pulling and lifting. The product is made from light weight material that is composed of a free-chaining mechanism that makes the “little mule” an economical and handy tool. The hoist is also made up of solid latches with hooks that can withstand to over 30% of side loading on the latch itself. Each “little Mule” unit is complete with Yale testing certificate and operating procedures.

• The Model Handy – this lever hoist has a load capacity of 250 kg to 500 kg. This kind of model is the lightest and smallest among the Yale lever hoists. Due to its application possibilities, this model is indispensable. With an enclosed design, it protects the inside components from contamination. Its standard free-chaining device makes it quickly attach to the weight.

As can be seen there are wide variety of Yale lever hoist to choose from making it easy to meet different type of lifting needs.