All Crossfit Gloves Are Not Created Equal

What does a Crossfit circuit, callused hands, and you have in common? The answer should be "nothing!" Working out does not have to mean living with rough, dry hands. Keep in mind however that not all Crossfit Gloves are created equal!

Is there a difference between weight lifting gloves and Crossfit gloves?

The simple answer is no. Whatever you're using your gloves for … is what they are called! Let's review some of the most popular choices used as Crossfit Gloves or crossfit hand protection.

Athletic Taping – Crossfit Hand Taping

Every guy has tried to grow a beard at some point in his life, and every crossfit fan has tried taping their hands at some point too. It does not work for everyone. Athletic tape is used similar to how a lifting strap or gymnastic strap may be used. The main point is to prevent calluses or hand teething, which is just overly washed skin that has called and torn open.

1. Advantages – It's a cheap solution to prevent calluses on the "meaty" part of your hand.

2. Disadvantages – It does not provide any relief against the "pressure" on the hand. (think of a kipping pull up). For the inexperienced it can be tough to wrap the hand properly.

Bodybuilding Gloves for Crossfit

Bodybuilding Gloves are the available in most sporting goods stores. They're usually made of leather and cover the entire hand with the exception of exposed fingers. They're been around almost as long as a 20 pound dumbbell has weighed 20 pounds.

1. Advantages – They definitely protect your hands! Leather is the most favored and popular material for bodybuilding gloves as they are the most durable.

2. Disadvantages – They're just too bulky! When's the last time you did a pull up with the back of your hand? What's the point of all that excess heavy material to get in the way of your workout? Because they cover the entire hand, air does not circulate properly and they tend to absorb sweat and smell funky.

Weight Lifting Gloves for Crossfit

Weight lifting gloves and Bodybuilding gloves are really synonymous. As the old school bodybuilding glove has evolved over the years it's been upgraded with lighter materials like Neoprene or Nylon mesh. While they are lighter, they still restrict movement because they cover the entire hand.

Weightlifting Chalk

Weight lifting chalk for Crossfit is the same stuff you see the hardcore gym rats slapping on their hands in the weight room. Weight lifting chalk is made from a magnesium carbonate formula. The idea is that it is supposed to wick away sweat and add a tackiness to your grip. This is pretty much a waste of time for the average crossfitter. It's messy and does not address the main problem of preventing calluses or tears.