All Time Happiness Tips

Happiness is amazing! A peaceful and happy state of mind that can make your life simple, calm and cheerful!

Each one of you might have encountered this feeling of happiness at some point in time, but for how long? Probably a few moments, days or a month! It is not permanent! How to make it your permanent companion?

Let’s have an overview of what can make you happy forever, how can you be happy even under any circumstance?

Here are some tips that can keep you ecstatic all through your life!

Positive Attitude

If you are dedicated to being happy in your life, you can be. Make your consciousness so strong that no odd can deter your willpower. Whenever you face any odd, just reverse your thought and start thinking of those events and occasions that gave you immense happiness in the past!

This thought reversal will immediately take you back to happier days, and subsequently, you will be in your happy mood. This is the best way to reverse your mood from somber to happiness!


It is one of the greatest stress-buster and happiness tools! Listen to the music of your choice, as much and as frequently as you can. Beware, it must not hammer others, as your taste may not always match with others or they might not be in a mood to listen to it. It will relax and provide you with soothing effects, and turn you on to face any situation! Try it!


Try interacting with nature – flowers, grass, river, valley, mountains, clouds etc. It will bring you closer to the peaceful and contented image of the divine. I believe divinely resides in nature. Whenever you feel sad and isolated, make nature your friend, you will never need anyone else.


Books are another source of inspiration and all-time companion! Even if you are not a voracious reader, attempt to read a few lines of an inspirational book, I am sure you will not leave it without completing it! This is the power of words and inspirational thoughts. You will always find yourself in a trustworthy and inspiring company, full of energy.

Childlike Heart

If you have a heart of a child, you will never find yourself in any difficult situation. All the problems of life can be solved by thinking from the heart of a child. It’s selfless, innocent and flawless. Retain this childlike heart and the innocence and selflessness in your mind and soul, you can face any odd and still remain happy.

This is all in this part! I will be back with a few more tips to be happy in next part! Till then, keep smiling, stay healthy and happy!