All You Need to Know About Drills

Drills are most commonly used for construction and do-it-yourself projects. Drills can be used in wood and even metal. There are even specialized drills created for the medical industry and a variety of other uses. A drill is perhaps one of the most common household tools, and extremely easy to use. Their convenience cannot be argued, and a toolbox is not complete without a drill!

Most drills are handheld and are powered by electricity. There are some that are powered manually, or using compressed air, such as the auger. Drills that are powered using compressed air are called pneumatic drills. Drills with a strong percussive action are usually used in major construction for drilling through very hard materials. Some of these types of drills are jackhammers, pneumatic drills and hammer drills. There are even huge drills that are used to obtain oil or water from deep inside the earth. Oil rigs built in the ocean are centered around a huge drill.

Here are some examples of drills used for construction:

Diamond Drilling Rig:

The Diamond Drilling Rig has a powerful 3000 watt motor that is strong enough to tackle the biggest construction jobs. It can be used for chemical and mechanical anchoring and is useful for penetrating through floors and waste pipes. This drill is popularly used in the plumbing and fire industries.


The Earth Auger can be used for drilling holes into the ground and taking soil samples. Most Augers are equipped with a quick stop drill brake, which is convenient with such a rapid moving drill.

Rotary Hammer:

A rotary hammer is used for the heavy duty breaking and drilling of concrete and rock. It is normally powered by electricity. This machine only needs to be guided gently when breaking and drilling, and should never be leaned on. It is always advisable that when drilling large holes, you should use a smaller drill bit first as a pilot.

These are some of the drills that are used in construction, and vary greatly from your regular do-it-yourself at home drill. All these drills have very different drills bits, or heads, to each other. Drills bits are the type of metal head that you will fasten into your drill. Drill bits come in many different shapes and sizes, some are twisted, like for the Auger drill, and some are smooth with a flat head. Some look like very thick needles. The most common drill bit used for drills in the home is the masonry drill bit. The drill bit will vary according to the type of material it will drill into – this being wood, metal, tiles, plastic, stone and even glass. The type of drill bit used is very important, especially when using it on glass and tiles, as you will need a drill bit that will prevent the material from cracking whilst you are drilling into it.

The safety clothing you will need to wear when operating a drill varies. With most large drills used in construction, you will need to wear safety goggles, gloves, ear muffs and protective clothing. When using the drill at home you would probably not need to worry about wearing any protective clothing, unless you are drilling through wood. Sometimes the wood will emit dust and shavings, and it is advisable that you wear safety goggles or glasses to protect your eyes.