All You Need to Know About Road Accident Passenger Compensation

Using a public transport for travelling is safer as compared to cars. There are less number of road accidents involving public transports. However, if passengers receive injuries or are hurt, due to a collision or mistake of the driver, they can make road accident claims, by contacting experienced solicitors or law firms. Not only the passengers, the driver at fault can also claim for compensation on behalf of his passengers. If the driver is not responsible for the accident then he can pursue claims against the party which caused the accident.

Why Passengers Hesitate from Pursuing Claims?

Passengers often tend to hesitate from making compensation claims, because:

  • Many passengers have the misconception that if the driver of the public is responsible then they will not get compensation for any injury.
  • They hold the view that pursuing compensation claims can add to their troubles and give no benefit.
  • They harbor fears that instead of gaining, they might lose their hard earned money.
  • Their baseless assumptions discourage them in making a compensation claim – their legal right!
  • The public is unaware about the fact that many law firms deal with road traffic accident claims on the basis of no win no fee.
  • They think that the claim will waste their time and they can’t attend the court due to injury. This is merely because they do not know that claim companies handle the entire process without bothering or creating inconvenience to the accident victims.

What kind of Claims can passengers make?

  • Passengers can make a claim for all road traffic accident injuries; such as, body pains, wounds, whiplash injury and sufferings that they go through.
  • Loss of income due to personal injury compensation.
  • Compensation for damages to any expensive item or possession, due to the accident, e.g.; a laptop, wrist watch, spectacles, sunshades, etc.
  • Medical expenses, including fees of doctor, medical tests, physiotherapist, rehabilitation, medication, attendant, medications and surgeries, until the victims complete recovery.
  • The family members of the victims will also get compensation for their time, energy and financial loss, due to attending the patient. Many

Simple steps to make Road Accident Claims Successful

  1. Below are some points that can help make compensation claims, successful:
  2. Remember all the details.
  3. Never exaggerate or make things on your own. Lies will only go against you.
  4. Collect as many evidences as possible.
  5. Report to the police and the concerned authorities.
  6. Immediately seek medical treatment, in case of road traffic accident injuries, without making any delay.
  7. Keep all the medical reports, prescriptions, appointment card and other record ready.
  8. Do not miss any appointment.
  9. Never ignore your doctor’s advice regarding rest and proper care.
  10. Make sure that the witnesses are available for testimony, whenever required.
  11. Never accept any offer from an insurance company, without consulting a reliable claim management company.
  12. Claimants should always trust their medical legal advisors, throughout the process of road accident claims for compensation and never hide any important fact from them.