Alternative Plastic Greenhouse Panels

During the spring and summer months the damage that has been caused to our gardens during the winter can be fully assessed. Whether it’s plants that have been killed off by the frost, wooden furniture that has rotted or greenhouse panels that have broken, it is a time to not assess but repair everything that is broken, ensuring the garden is ready to enjoy in summer.

While many repairs can be undertaken fairly cheaply or easily, repairing your greenhouse can be a whole new matter entirely. Whether they’ve been damaged by a tree branch, strong wind or even a stray football, it can be difficult and expensive to do. However, it is important to keep on top of greenhouse maintenance to ensure that the plants you keep inside are properly cared for.

At this stage the majority of keen gardeners will think about replacing their old glass panel with yet more glass. However, more and more people are turning to alternatives as a way to keep costs down and prolong the life of their greenhouse panels. Glass, often thought to be a strong and reliable material, is actually very susceptible to cracking and it encourages the growth of moss when wet – neither of which is preferable for greenhouses.

The alternative that many are turning to is plastic – either in the form of acrylic or polycarbonate. These materials are incredibly suited to being used for outdoor applications and in, many ways, offer a better solution than glass. For one, they are impact-resistant to a greater extent than glass, making them less susceptible to breakage at any time. For instance, polycarbonate is used to make CDs which are incredibly tough – and it has even be used for bullet-proofing in some instances. Despite this, it is heavier than glass; in fact it’s much, much lighter which makes it better for the supporting structure and easier to install.

All of these characteristics mean that acrylic or polycarbonate is a good alternative, but the main concern for gardeners is heat retention. Many believe that only glass will retain the correct amount of heat for plants to flourish, but this is simply not the case. These sheets of plastic are good insulators and are also available in different thicknesses should you wish to add more insulation. With all the same properties as glass, only enhanced, plastics can make the job of repairing your greenhouse much easier.