Alternative Speed Bump Uses – Water Barrier/Gully

Believe it or not speed bumps can be an excellent way of keeping water from running into your garage, or flowing along a driveway during heavy rain. We have all seen drains that would cope fine in a normal rain storm being overwhelmed during heavy rain. This can cause huge destruction to property as water quickly finds its way downhill, and if your garage is at the bottom of a sloping driveway, then all that water is going to go straight inside!

This is where a carefully placed speed bump can save the day and keep water from ruining your property. By placing a bump across a driveway the water will be forced to divert off to the sides, on to a lawn or into another drain that can cope with the volume of water.

The speed bump will give the last drains right before your garage door a chance of keeping up with the water flow. The benefit of using a bump other than a normal flood type barrier is that it can be left in permanently and even used as a parking block. Meaning that your property will be ready for the rain even when it strikes with little notice. They are also available in different heights allowing you to choose the level of defense you need.

When using speed bumps to keep water from flowing into your garage or down a driveway it is advised to use silicon sealant or similar between the speed bumps, and under the speed bumps. This will prevent water from seeping between and under the bumps.