Aluminium Ladders: Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder With Platform Review

I live in a very small house, so I do not have much storage space. Since my home is older, it does require a certain amount of upkeep, both inside and out. Much of this work requires a ladder, but I do not have enough space to stow a traditional type ladder. While scouring the Internet for a solution, I discovered amongst all the typical aluminium ladders a really unique item: a multi-purpose folding ladder with a handy platform. Here's some information about this versatile product.

About the Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder with Platform

The first thing I noticed about this ladder is its superb quality. Add to this with its versatility and you have a winning combination. It truly deserves the "multi-purpose" designation because it has more than 10 positions that lock safely into place. You can employ this ladder as a long, medium or short ladder. It also converts to a step ladder, stair ladder and stair platform. For long duration jobs, use it as a safe, stable work platform rather than as a ladder. We're sure you'll find many other ways to configure this extremely useful ladder. Many sellers now offer this ladder bundled with a platform. The strong two-piece, anti-slip platform will help expedite any job.

Features of the Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder

This ladder will stow conveniently in small spaces like a shed or cupboard. It transports easily in your car boot. Just the other day I brought it with me to a friend's house to help paint the sitting room. My friend commented that the ladder has a real feeling of quality and that the design is super-strong. We both appreciated the dual locking steel hinges and twin stabiliser bars that ensure the ladder is quite safe to use. One caution, however. Never use an aluminium ladder when doing electrical work. Aluminium is a good conductor of electricity. A wooden or fibreglass ladder is a better choice in this case.


The multi-purpose folding ladder conforms to the latest EN131 European safety standard, a fact that gives me peace of mind when I'm using it. The feet are rubberised for a sure grip, indoors or out, on a variety of surfaces. Each of the more than 10 configurations locks securely into place. When closed, the ladder is 94cm (37in) tall by 70cm (27.5in) wide. Its maximum length is 3.46m (11ft4). When employed as a step ladder, the maximum height is 107cm (5ft7). The work platform is generously sized at 90cm (3ft) high by 143cm (4ft9) long. The maximum load rating is 150kg (23st). The ladder weighs 12kg (26lbs), so it's quite easy for a single person to handle. The stabiliser bars at both ends are extra wide. The feet are extra wide as well, for security and stability. Expect to pay about £ 69.00. The price should include VAT and free delivery.

I've found that aluminium ladders suit my needs very well, especially one like this that is both changeable and well designed.