Aluminium Ladders Review: The Lyte 2 Section Domestic Ladder

Many of the most basic household tasks often require a ladder. Whether you're washing windows or changing the paint colour, it's likely you're going to need a ladder to get the job done right. Aluminium ladders are very popular with homeowners because they're light in weight, easy to transport, and can be stored outdoors without deteriorating. Remember, though, that aluminium conducts electricity, so do not use a ladder made from this metal around electrical sources. Choose a ladder made from wood or fibreglass instead. With that being said, here's some information about a ladder that's a great choice for everyday use around the home by avid DIYers: the Lyte 2 section domestic ladder.

About the Lyte 2 Section Domestic Ladder

This affordable aluminium ladder is a great value for the money, yet it has features found on more expensive ladders. The rungs are comfortably "D" shaped, which means the flat of the "D" provides a stable surface to stand on. Also, the rungs are angled, making them much more comfortable to stand on. Like more expensive types, this ladder features box section stiles with wide, rigid construction to keep the ladder stable and prevent it from twisting. The box section stiles also decrease the amount of bounce in the ladder, increasing stability whilst climbing. With a generous 12 month warranty, this ladder is certified to BS2037 Class 3 for domestic use only. This means that the ladder should not be used in arduous environments, such as in trade or industrial settings, where a ladder certified to conform to the BS EN131 is a better choice. Please note that using this ladder in an industrial or trade environment may invalidate your insurance, if you are a tradesman. In addition, such use will contravene the Health and Safety Regulations.

Features of the Lyte 2 Section Domestic Ladder

The ladder also has extruded hooks and guides. Extrusion is an industrial process of shaping a material, aluminium, for example. It occurs when a material is forced through a shaped opening in a die. The extruded piece exits the die in the form of an elongated piece with the same diameter as the opening in the die. Ladders made from aluminium will not rust. They also will not rot like wood, and so can be stored outdoors for extended periods. Although some minor pitting may develop, this in no way affects the ladder's performance. Aluminium requires no maintenance, and will not shatter under heavy stress the way fibreglass sometimes does.

A Few Specifications of the Lyte 2 Section Domestic Ladder

This ladder has highly visible red, non-slip feet that are securely riveted in place. It has a closed height of 2.20 metres and an open height of 3.70 metres. It has 7 rungs per section and weighs 6.5kgs. The Lyte 2 section ladder has a duty rating of 95kgs (15.0st) and a maximum load rating of 125kg (19.5st).

Aluminium laddersare durable and affordable pieces of DIY gear.