Aluminium Ladders Review: The Three Section Extension Ladder

There are many domestic, trade and industrial applications where an extension ladder is the best and safest choice. Although many people try to make do with tall stepladders, most don’t know it’s hazardous to stand on the top platform of a stepladder. In fact, experts recommend that you never stand on the step below the top platform as well. The safest way to work in situations where significant height is required is to use an extension ladder. Three section aluminium ladders of this type are particularly popular, because they allow users safe access to locations such as the second storey of a house or building. Here’s some information about one we especially like.

About the Three Section Extension Ladder

These types of ladders generally have a reach of about 3.5 to 4.0 metres, which makes them quite versatile for those everyday tasks around the house, such as exterior painting or cleaning gutters. The best aluminium extension ladders have sturdy D-shaped rungs, rather than round ones. A D-shaped rung allows the user to stand on the flat part of the D, making the ladder much safer. The stiles of such a ladder have rigid, wide, box-type construction that prevents the ladder from flexing or bending under load. Another important feature of an extension ladder involves the feet, which should be broad and riveted securely into place. Many extension ladders have rubberised coatings on the bottom of the feet to help prevent slipping. The feet also should be able to swivel, ensuring stability on even ground.

Features of the Three Section Extension Ladder

This ladder is certified to conform to the important BS2037 Class 3 safety standard, which classifies the ladder as appropriate for domestic use, not trade or industrial use. If you plan to use your ladder for trade or industrial applications, it’s wise to choose a BSEN131 Class 2 (trade) or BS2037 Class 1 (industrial) model. You also should know that insurance companies often state that using a Class 3 ladder for these applications will invalidate any future claims for personal injury. Another safety feature of this ladder is the presence of extrusion hooks and guides. Expect to pay between £120 and £130 for this ladder. The price should include VAT and free delivery.

A Few Specifications of the Three Section Extension Ladder

This ladder has a closed height of 3.3 metres and an extended height of 8.5 metres. It has 11 rungs and weighs 19kg. How to know if the ladder is the right height? Well, you need to consider what’s called the working height. This is defined as the height that can be comfortably and safely reached when on the ladder and extending your arm. For example, a typical person about 5’6″ tall with a vertical reach of about 12 inches can safely reach a height of 19 feet on a 20 foot extension ladder.

Aluminium ladders are both light and strong, making them the perfect choice for home (domestic duty) use.