Aluminium Ladders Review: The Titan 3 Way Combination Ladder

If you need maximum versatility from a ladder, your best choice might be what's called a 3 way combination ladder. This product has the functionality of 3 distinct ladder types combined into a single one. There are separate configurations for 3 popular ladder types: a stair an extension and a step ladder. The ladder itself actually is a pair of ladders that are easily folded into these configurations, yet it folds down to about the same size as a standard platform step ladder. Here's some information about one brand of aluminium ladders we're quite partial to.

About the Titan 3 Way Combination

Like most aluminium ladders, this one is both lightweight and strong. It conforms to the European EN131 standard. Also, it's constructed to BS2037 Class 3 domestic duty standards, which means that it meets or exceeds standards set by an "independent distributing standards organization serving both the private and public sectors". It has a maximum safe working load of 125kg. Under the standards, this is the lightest duty category. Users are cautioned that aluminium ladders in this class are meant for occasional use around the home, and are not appropriate for trade or industrial use. In fact, using them in trade or industrial environments may contravene the Health & Safety regulations. It's also possible that such use will invalidate any claims for personal injury.

Features of the Titan 3 Way

This combination ladder, when in step ladder mode, offers 5 treads. This is the most popular size for double -sided step ladders for domestic use. As a step ladder, it will reach 2.45m. As an extension ladder, it easily reaches heights up to 2.93m, giving instant access to high places. In stair ladder mode, the user can safely place one side on the ladder on one step and the other on a different one, perfect for changing light bulbs or painting difficult to reach walls, up to heights of 3.08m. Many users find the stairway ladder configuration especially useful. Here's what one homeowner had to say: "I needed a ladder to be able to paper my landing and Staircase. This ladder was brilliant for the job. It is a very sturdy ladder and supported my weight without any movement. Bearing in mind I was carrying very long lengths of wet wallpaper up and down the ladder, it made me feel very safe. I would recommend it. " This price is between £ 50.00 and £ 60.00.

A Few Specifications

This ladder is 3.1 metres high and weighs 7.2kg. The step height is 1.56 metres. It's very easy to reconfigure the ladder when needed, and the design includes a stabiliser and restraining bars to ensure maximum safety. This is a solidly built ladder that will last for many years. Aluminium construction means that it will not corrode and can be stored outdoors without concern.

Aluminium ladders like the Titan 3 way combination model are perfect for just about any job around the home.