Aluminum Balusters For Decks And Your Remodel

We often find ourselves wanting to make certain changes to our homes, and one of the things that could be fun to modernize is the style of the banister on our decks. Most homes that were built over 15 years ago were built with decks made with wooden banisters, and one way to give them a modern look is to replace them with aluminum ones. There are several tools that you will need for a successful deck remodel, specifically epoxy glue, a pair of pliers, a saw, and stair balusters with shoes.

The first thing that you need to do is choose the aluminum for your balusters. You should have a picture or drawing of your deck staircase, so that your designer can see how many balusters there are. This will help your designer quote you a more accurate estimate. This is also when you will choose your preferred color.

Once you have your new aluminum balusters for decks in hand, you can then remove the current balusters that are already on your home. You only cut about 3/4 of the spindle out at first so that you can keep them from falling out completely. Then, take them out piece by piece, and remove the remaining nails with your pliers. Then you can measure where your new aluminum balusters will go. Once you have completed that step, you can cut each of your spindles to the right length.

After the measurements have been completed and the aluminum balusters for decks have been cut properly, you can begin putting your new balusters in place. You will just insert the new ones into the hole where the old one was removed and put the shoe on the bottom of it to help hold it in place. Once you have them where they need to be, you will need to epoxy each one together and nail them in place.

When doing your own baluster remodel, there are definitely some things that you need to consider. First, you need to make sure that you know what is required for your home, as there may be some restrictions on aluminum balusters for decks if your home is over a certain age or if your subdivision has certain regulations. You also need to make sure that you get all the right measurements or all your work will be in vain, and you will need to start the project over from the beginning. This will cost more time and money. Lastly, don’t rush because if you hurry, that is when mistakes are more likely to happen and you will have a project that is incomplete.