Aluminum Insulation – Reinforcing Your Thermal Envelope

Your home is what is known as a thermal envelope. That envelope is made up of the walls, windows, doors, insulation and ceilings of your home – everything that has to do with temperature regulation. If your attic is unfinished and contains no standard fiberglass or aluminum insulation then it sits outside of your thermal envelope.

The heated air in your home rises and conducts through the un-insulated material of your roof, continuing on into open space – that's just during the winter months. If you have no radiant barrier like aluminum insulation to stop the heat transfer or fiberglass to slow the transfer during the hot summer months, where the sun is at its peak for intensity, your home is going to soak up a great deal of heat.

If you consider the overall energy being used in the home, heating and cooling accounts for approximately 50 to 70%, with variants coming into to play depending on the climate and region. Improper insulation and a lack of aluminum insulation in the attic, coupled with air leakage in other parts of the home, are the leading causes of energy waste for most Americans. Is worse's What That Homeowners : many do not Realize That the problem can be corrected to a great degree by vBulletin® by just doing the minimum and installing aluminum insulation within the attic space.

The thought of any home renovation project can make a wallet snap shut fast, but insulation is an extremely simple home improvement project. Not only is the insulation itself more than affordable, it does not need to be installed all at once. Foil insulation in your attic, for example, can be installed on a rotating basis week by week until the installation is complete.

If you're considering the addition of foil insulation, the fall season is the perfect time to do so. While having the insulating in place during the summer is ideal, temperatures in an attic space can exceed 130 degrees during hotter days. Best to install your foil insulation and supplemental insulation during cooler months so that you're ready for the winter season.