Aluminum Replacement Window Sizing – Easy Ways to Do it Right

Aluminum replacement window sizing is not a difficult thing to do but it can be tricky. This is because the exact measurements must be made at all time or else there may be some leaks and other problems ensuing from improper sizing. Let me go over this briefly and towards the end I will let you in on the best trick to do it on “autopilot”.

You need to start by taking measurements for all the window sizes inside you house. Consider the width and the height carefully. The width of the windows can be measured by counting from the inside of the window jamb on one of the sides and to the inside of the window jamb on the other part. Do not measure the stops but the jambs. Now do this for the top, the bottom and the middle i.e. do these measurements 3 times.

Now for the height you need to measure 3 times again. Do this right up from the window sill to the head of the jamb’s bottom. Then do the centre, across the top and on the bottom.

Knowing these should help you with your aluminium replacement window sizing. This is because you can then have the seller size it up to the fit the measurements you have taken. As for the actual sizing of the window you can do one of two things.

First you can find a window supplier that can deal with the sizing issue before you buy. Most of these suppliers consider this as part of the ordering and purchasing process. Secondly you can have an expert come over for an obligation free in-house consultation. Just get in touch with one within your area and have them come to take the measurements for a quotation.

The quotation will come with the exact specs for the window sizes, which you can use even if you decide not to hire any contractor.