Aluminum Welder – A Comprehensive Welding Solution

This all new equipment can be used for repairing corroded regions, oil impregnated areas and other areas which require welding. The WeldAll LS-160P can be used in a fast and easy manner. It is very efficient and helps in saving both time and effort. This Aluminum Welder equipment can be used even by beginners and can be easily operated. There are many different models of Aluminum welders available in the market though WeldAll LS-160P stands apart from them all. It helps in producing accurate welding results and can be used for brazing very strong rods. It has great penetrating power and penetrates even through the toughest of Aluminum rods. It can pass through impurities like oil, anti freeze as well as corrosion. It has the ability to repair metals which can not be welded using a conventional Aluminum welder. The weldability of this element is based on its chemical composition.

This aluminum welder can be used for repairing a whole range of items including aluminum heads, fenders, pot metal, transmission cases, engine blocks, condenser lines, cast iron head, irrigation pipe and many more. These equipments are portable and can be easily transported around. It uses the Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welder which is used for the welding of the metal. This is a heavy duty machine which can be used for aluminum fabrication. It can be used on a daily basis for the welding of aluminum and creates great output. You can choose your own input voltage based on your needs and the amount that is required for cutting through the metal.

There is a voltage control panel which contains the voltage and one also has the option to adjust the voltage if needed. It has many other aluminum welder applications which serve a variety of purposes. Aluminum welder is used for cutting through the metal and fixing and repairing items.

WeldAll LS-160P can easily set up and it produces great output. It can be used for heavy duty work and works great in cutting through aluminum. This equipment is said to even fix or repair oxidized metals and achieves the impossible. It is a great device for brazing aluminum and is easy to use. It can be used for getting great welding results and will cut through strong brazing aluminum rods. It uses a pilot arc technology that helps you to begin arc in air. It has better consumable life and its torches could be hooked into CNC machines.

It has a high speed cooling fan which helps in regulating the temperature. Its unit has been built to protect against thermal overload. This aluminum welder device uses MOSFET technology. It has a main unit, TIG torch, stick holder, foot pedal, argon regulator, arc cutting torch, earth clamp, air hose, etc. Accessories can also be added into the device based on the requirements. It is a great aluminum welding device which offers hardcore welding, and is available for sale with Longevity.