Am I Kettlebell Material?

One of the common questions that I get on a day to day basis is; "Am I kettlebell material?" This is a good question and for all of you wondering I am going to provide a logical answer. The answer is a definite YES, as long as, you fall under a certain amount of criteria that I will lay before you in this article.

First of all, you must be open to changing your mindset from a bodybuilding one to a fitness and performance mindset. This is what is involved when training with kettlebells. This type of workout is a very intense style of training which integrates many muscles at once in order to promote significant fat-loss and terrific total-body performance. You must also have patience and be willing to listen attentively and learn new techniques that actually include you having to have an understanding of your own body. This is what makes you better than anyone else in terms of being fit when using the bell rather than using just about any other piece of equipment or training tactic.

You must also be willing to practice the same techniques sometimes over and over to get the correct pattern to ensure the execution of a proper lift. This will improve your form and reduce the risk of you injuring yourself. If you are considering kettlebells and you really want to make the leap then tell yourself that you are kettlebell material, as long as, you are willing to follow the criteria that I have issued for you here.

Remember to practice flawlessly and often my friends. To be the best you have to put in the time!