Amazing Hotels in Mumbai

Mumbai ranks among the leading melting pots of the world. This is because there are numerous different kinds of ethnic groupings, religions and cultures within this amazing city. It is also a very vibrant metropolis that attracts numerous tourists every year.

To this end, this enchanting city never has a shortage of business tourists, leisure travelers and budget tourists. The fact that it never goes to sleep and that most businesses of interest operate on a 24 hour economy basis makes it all the more attractive for visitors from far and near.

This means that there are numerous amazing hotels in Mumbai that you will certainly be pleased to stay in. All these hotels occupy their own unique spots- mainly near tourist attraction sites so you can have an easier time roaming through the points of interest in Mumbai.

From the vast stretch that is occupied by the Juhu beach, you can get nice and cozy hotels that will remind you of home. The hotels located here are especially convenient since they will offer you a unique opportunity to wander down to the beach, enjoy the sun, meet locals and see families enjoying their picnics- or even have your own picnic.

There are a number of other benefits that come from staying at hotels in Mumbai. For starters, the rates are very affordable. Even if you are staying at 5 star hotel, the rates reflect the local economy and not international standards. This way, you can be certain that you will save lots of money staying at such budget hotels as the Bawa Regency, the Metro Palace, the Privilege Inn or the Royal Castle.

The second benefit that you will get from staying at hotels in Mumbai comes from the fact that the ambience is to die for. To this end, you will discover the rich mix that is India by spending your time in Mumbai hotels.

The implication being made here is that you will receive the warmest of Indian hospitality. For instance, most of the hotels in Mumbai have massage parlors and spa treatments seeing as most of these therapies emanated from India.

Most hotels in Mumbai also offer world standard services. From room service to free access to the internet via Wi- Fi connectivity, you will certainly feel at home immediately you get your room key. Most of these hotels also have air conditioning so you will want to get back to your hotel room after a long glorious day in the Mumbai sunshine.

There are also various categories of hotels in Mumbai. You can get the cheapest of hotel rooms and the most expensive. This has made Mumbai very attractive to all sorts of tourists. For instance, in case you are a business tourist, you will find it convenient to stay at a four or five star rated hotel.

Finally, on the other hand, budget travelers will save lots of money spending their time in Mumbai at a 2 star hotel such as Sea Side or the Nagina. The implication being made here is that hotels in Mumbai will cater well to any sort of tourist or traveler.