Amazingly Easy Abs Workouts

In this article we will discuss some valuable abs workouts that will help you in attaining the body of your dreams. As you know that the first step to lose weight and gain muscles is by working out, eating wisely and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle.

Some of the abs workouts that we will be discussing today are: reverse crunch, vertical crunch, abs rocker and the final one will be push ups.


Ok, so let's start you guys off with reverse crunch! In reverse crunch you have to lie down on the floor or mat with your face facing upwards and place hands on the floor. Next bend the knees and bringing them towards your chest until the bend is equal to 90 degrees. Next contract the abs to curl the hips off the floor and towards the ceiling. Relax and repeat 12 times. Remember to use your abs to lift your hips; This is very important because it's a very small movement. This exercise from the abs workouts will help built rectus abdominis stronger and, leaner.


Lie on the floor and extend the legs towards the ceiling. Lightly cup your head with your hand and lift your shoulders slightly up. Create a "u shaped" torso at the same time by pressing your heel towards the ceiling because workouts, help in toning your abs.


This workout is pretty straight forward if you have the abs rocker just grab the bars in each hand, contract them and rock forward. Make sure the movement comes from abs and not the frictional momentum. Release and repeat for 10-12 times.


The plank exercise is the next in our abs workouts series and can be done by lying with your face towards the floor and palms flat on it. Then lifting yourself up and down and tilting your pelvis and contracting the abdominals as well.