Ambulatory Spinal Unloading – A New Treatment For Low Back Pain

“Ambulatory spinal unloading” is the “new kid on the block” when it comes to treatment of acute and chronic low back pain. It is so new that many care givers are not yet fully aware of it.

Anecdotally we know that relieving pressure on the discs via traction, non-surgical spinal decompression or inversion tables etc relieves the pain, we also know that continued activity opposed to inactivity is beneficial and everyone knows that stabilizing the spine and allowing strained muscles to relax and heal are critical to the healing process.

But until ambulatory spinal unloading came along there was no way to offer a low back pain suffer the full treatment. This new treatment modality for low back pain allows sufferers the ability to regain mobility, flexibility and activity in a pain free or pain reduced environment, allowing discs to rehabilitate, muscles to realign and mend and damaged nerves to heal.

Ambulatory spinal unloading dramatically reduces the degenerative cycle and dramatically increases the rejuvenative cycle of the spine and is without a doubt one of the most beneficial and cost effective, non-invasive treatment modalities for acute and chronic low back pain available today.

Ambulatory spinal unloading can be used to extend the benefits offered by stationary treatments as well as chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments or can be used as a pre surgery bridge or a post surgery protection/prevention tool.

Typical indications for this new treatment modality are most forms of low back pain that have been caused by; degenerative disc decease, herniated or bulging disc, nerve impingement, stenosis, facet syndrome, spondylolisthesis, lumbar vertebrae compression fracture, sciatica, lordosis etc and for many “undiagnosable” causes of low back pain.