Amcor PLM Series Portable Air Conditioners – A Breath of Fresh Air For The Modern Home

At the very start of the summer, in the middle of a boiling hot day or sticky, humid night, you’re probably not going to mind too much what your air conditioner looks like, just so long as it keeps on oozing out those streams of cool, relaxing breeze.

Who cares if it’s a bulky, ugly box with an industrial type grill and a blocky frame that resembles a reject from an episode of Scrapheap Challenge? Just keep on breezing!

Well, that’s all true at first, but after a few days of enjoying the refreshing, energizing benefits of a portable air conditioner, you’ll probably start to think of it as a semi-permanent fixture in your home or office over the hot summer months.

And that’s when having a portable air conditioner that’s been designed with style and elegance will really make a difference and can even become a design enhancement to your home.

Introducing Amcor’s cutting edge PLM12KE and PLM15KE

Amcor’s PLM15KE and PLM12KE are the cornerstones of the US manufacturer’s ground breaking PLM Series – a range of portable air conditioners that were created with equal emphasis on form and function.

Just for the record, the key difference between the PLM12KE and PLM15KE is that the former runs at 12000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) per hour and the latter at 15000. That’s not a huge gap but the extra power of the PLM15KE will be noticed in larger spaces (450-500 square feet).

The concept behind the PLM range was to bring the portable air conditioner into the digital age with a ‘Plasma’ style design that is undeniably sleek and stylish – especially so when compared with the aesthetics of the majority of mobile air con units on the market.

What are the main aspects of the design that give the PLM12KE and PLM15KE their stylish edge? Let’s break them down:

– Chic and sleek casing: the shell of the PLM series portable air conditioners is tall with smooth cut edges, a slight shimmer effect coating and a predominantly flat surface which creates a sense of simplicity and style

– Backlit digital display: The LCD readout on the PLM12KE and PLM 15KE air con units manages to be both an attractive centerpiece and very easy to use, thanks to its blue backlight and soft touch electronic controls

– Top mounted grill: The vent is positioned on the top so it’s not staring in your face, and it’s adjustable too to allow greater control over air flow

– Programmable remote: The functions of PLM12KE and PLM15KE can all be operated via a thin and unobtrusive remote control which also features an easy to read LCD display.

Amcor portable air conditioners []: more than just a pretty face

We reckon you’ll agree that looks wise you’ll be hard pressed to find a more perfect portable air conditioner for a modern home.

However, they do say it’s what’s inside that counts so it’s definitely worth covering the main technical aspects of the PLM12KE and PLM15KE to demonstrate that Amcor really has combined style with substance in the PLM Series.

Here’s a run-through of 10 great reasons to buy an Amcor PLM range portable air conditioner:

1. More efficient cooling thanks to its patented Evaporative Booster

2. Three speeds to choose from (two fans plus one turbo option)

3. 3M Filtrete filter that removes dust, pollen and animal hair

4. Activated carbon filter that helps to remove odour from the room

5. Washable air filter that collects dust particles and prevents build-up of bacteria

6. Built-in castors for easy moving around the room

7. Full thermostat control

8. Programmable 24 hour timer

9. Exhaust hose extendible to up to 5 feet long

10. Moisture removal capacity of around 80 pints per day