AMGeneX DNA (Dynamic Nutrition Advantage) From Amega Global – Surprising Cellular Nutrition

AMGeneX DNA is a new superfood product manufactured by Amega Global.

It comes in sachets and you mix it in with a drink, eg water or juice. The product is infused with Amega’s proprietary Amized Fusion Technology which charges it with zero point energy, thus enabling your body to be infused with high levels of life force energy.

The product is said to be the world’s first Epigenetic product. This fairly new term in nutritional-based science is to do with the interaction of food compounds with the DNA inside the body’s cells. It seems that what was once believed to be the case – that our DNA was hard wired and couldn’t be changed – is not actually true. It appears that our DNS can be re-shaped, given the right foods.

It is now believed that if we consume foods which influence our genes and are rich sources of phytochemicals that tell our DNA to switch on our cellular defence mechanisms, we are more likely to help stay on a path of wellness.

The way that Amega Global have been able to enable the AmGenex sachets to do this switching on of our protective genes is through adding sulforaphane (sul-FOR-a-fane) via CellActiv. CellActiv is a very concentrated form of sulforophane. Sulforophane is said to be nothing short of remarkable in its diverse benefits including cellular defence. Surprisingly, it comes from the broccoli family of vegetables, which although do not have particularly high ORAC values (antioxidant value), they do contribute far greater to cellular health than possibly any other known plant food.

Sulforaphane is said to be very significantly more powerful and potent than Vitamin C. Sulphoraphane is “potentially the most versatile, multifunctional and fundamentally essential of all plant bioactives.” – (source: Fahey JW Kensler, TW Role of Dietary Supplements/ Nutraceuticals in Chemoprevention through Induction of Cytoprotective Enzymes).

The sulforaphane in the Amega DNA switches on around 200 plus various genes inside the cell. These are needed so the cell can protect itself. Sulphoraphane is the most powerful known substance that has this particular effect on the body’s cells become so much more effective in doing its own anti-oxidant work.

Some of the super fruits contained in the AmGeneX sachets include:

ACAI – Exceptional Antioxidant & ORAC

AMLA – Supports a healthy heart, promotes good blood circulation, aids cell regeneration & digestion; improves mental functions

CAMU CAMU – Highest vitamin C content of all fruits in the world

GOJI (Wolfberry) – Complete spectrum of antioxidant carotenoids and zeaxanthin

LO HAN GUO – Natural sweetener, contains no calories, safe for diabetics and hypoglycaemics

MANGOSTEEN – High in Xanthones and Antioxidants

NONI – The queen of health plants with many different benefits

POMEGRANATE – Outstanding antioxidant properties

All ingredients are active. Unlike many of the other products in the beverage industry, AMGeneX has NOT gone through the process of ‘Hot Fill Pasteurization’ (between 161° and 280°F). AMGeneX has NOT gone through the process of Aseptic Processing (between 195° and 295°F). This is important because pasteurization kills friendly bacteria and enzymes as well as greatly reduces nutritional value.

Thus, Amega Global, have produced a first class nutritional food, that, taken, once a day (you can take more), helps your own cells to rebuild their protective genes and maintain optimum wellness.