AMSOIL Extended Drain Intervals

Most people get their oil changed every few months, or at the worst case, every six months. Some people decide to let it go even further, which can be well over a year. Even though your car has survived during this elongated period of waiting to change your oil, chances are you have done significant damage to your engine with sludge, unless you are using the most modern forms of synthetic oils. AMSOIL puts out many different types of synthetic oils for any application imaginable that will help your car to last longer between oil changes, and this type of oil will stay clean and work properly during the entire down time between changes.

It is proven that synthetic oil is the best type of oil you could possibly use for your car or truck, no matter how many miles you have or how big your performance is. The reason behind this basically revolves around the fact that this oil stays clean and very fluid for extended periods of time. This not only allows you to extend the time between drain intervals, but also instills faith that the oil in your car will never turn into sludge. Engine sludge can slowly break down a motor over time and eventually completely ruin it. If you are going to get your oil changed, be sure to ask for synthetic only, you will not regret it.

AMSOIL has synthetic fluid for your transmission, your clutch, your brake fluid, and everything else you can imagine that needs fluid. For each of these applications, you’re expected to drain and replace the fluid in these components every so often. Most people never change these fluids at the recommended time, which can be okay, or it can be very bad for your car. AMSOIL has a line of synthetic fluids for any application in your car, which can make it okay to go extended periods of time between drain intervals. If you are not using a synthetic fluid, the components of your drivetrain are at a significant risk.

People are typically too busy to have to worry about maintaining their car all the time. This is one of the reasons AMSOIL has developed lubricants and oils that last a very long time. It will help to keep your engine running strong, and will also cut down on the amount of times you have to change out your oil, or transmission fluid, or anything else that requires draining.