An Amazing Journey – Leaving Fears Behind

Get Ready, Get Set, GO!

I am so amazingly blessed. I’ve been taking long walks the last few weeks in the beautiful Colorado Rockies. I want to drop a few pounds and firm up the ole thighs, but most importantly I’ve been spending quiet time with the Universe. Yes, I’m one of those folks who love to spend quiet time in the morning reconnecting to my Spirit. I want to clearly hear what I’m supposed to do and where I’m supposed to be and know if I’m on the right path. I have to do that in quietness.

Today, I was lead to take a different path. It was almost as if something or someone was urging me to get dressed hurriedly and to get going straight away. I jumped in my Jeep Grand Cherokee and headed west on I-70 toward the Canyon. Glenwood Canyon, in the mountains of Colorado, is one of the most breathtaking, spectacular places I’ve ever visited. It has always intrigued me.

I soon became frustrated. I couldn’t find the frontage road that was going to take me to the trail I believed I needed to walk. I made a quick call. “I can’t find the road,” I said annoyed. As my loving friend very patiently gave me directions, I whipped my vehicle around and headed toward my destination.

Minutes later I was standing right in the middle of some of the greatest art ever created. As I stood looking up, to my left and to my right were rugged cliffs with the rolling Colorado River twisting and turning below running between their divide. The train tracks, leaving their imprint upon the north canyon wall, were empty and silent; the bike and pedestrian path was deserted. All was silent except for my deep breathing and my heart beat.

At first, my heart was pounding. It was early in the morning and I was in the middle of nowhere. What if I see a bear, mountain lion or coyote? And then I thought worse. What if I see a human? There’s a tunnel up ahead. Is it dark? How long is it? What if there’s an animal in there? There’s no way out. Will it be more afraid of me than I am of it? This was some of my donkey-talk and mind chatter that morning. But, I convinced myself I couldn’t turn back. I couldn’t give into my fears and head back to my car and its perceived safety. I had to reach my destination-the next rest station only a few miles away.

In spite of my reasoning, I began to panic when suddenly I remembered these words and spoke them aloud, “I have not been given a persona of fear, I am powerful, filled with love and my mind is sound and clear.” I found my peace. My heart rhythm slowed and quieted. I stretched readying myself for the journey. Checking my water pack and re-tying my laces. I was set. I glanced up around me. I was ready to go-ready for an amazing journey.

As I walked between the majestic red, green and charcoal colored cliffs, I saw what appeared to be sentries standing guard watching over me. I was beginning to feel safe. Peace that passes all natural understanding began to flood into my heart and my mind. I picked up my pace. Though I had never taken this path before, I knew it was the one for me in the moment. There were incredible moments of clarity and spiritual presence along the amazing journey, but there were still sheer moments of high anxiety especially when approaching a blind curve. I knew, however, I was right where I was supposed to be and nothing, absolutely nothing, could harm me. A song came to mind. I began to sing. Before I knew it, I was coming into my destiny, Bair Ranch rest station.

Fatigued but vibrant, I found a bench and rested. I began to relate my morning walk to my daily walk in life. I clearly realized it was the unknown path that had totally freaked me out. It was the thought of the unfamiliar that was causing me to fear. What if I venture out in my new business and no one likes what I offer? How much money is it going to take? How long will it take before anyone knows who or where I am? What if my plan goes awry? Oh goodness, am I going to have to walk the unknown path alone? How long is it? Will it be dark?

I stood walking down to the river’s edge. With fluidity, crispness and clearness it babbled against the rocks it rushed pass. It seemed to say, “You’re not alone, you’ll be just fine. Enjoy the ride.” For a moment, I lost myself in the reflection seemingly riding the white rapids in a yellow raft resembling a life-preserver. I gazed up taking in my marvelous surroundings, once again. I felt free. I was exhilarated. At that moment, I realized an amazing shift had occurred. All the frightful, intimidating thoughts had been quieted. Right then I knew the reason I had been driven to walk the three miles in spite of my apprehension.

I took a deep breath, stretched once again readying myself for the journey home, now the familiar. Setting the pace I was off and going once again. There would be no trepidation on the road back. I smiled. I knew God was with me right in the midst of it all; right in the middle of my crazy journey that morning and always.