An Analysis of the Story Editha

The story Editha implied quite a prevalent and antiquated standpoint about war and its acclaimed days. The story itself embodied the kind of glamour and prestige that World War 2 movies portrayed, or so they did. Certainly, this short story tried to emphasize war as being beautiful and necessary for communal living. In some ways I can attest to that statement, but such is an immediate conclusion. The author seemingly framed the story revolving around the life of a couple.

It almost seemed like it came out of an epic love novel. Her feelings and aspirations about the honor that war brings between lovers was compelling and riveting. To the author, war was all about bringing out the victors and almost weeded out the losers that war brings. Come to think about it, war that has occurred in the past brought only horror and destruction. I am a personal believer that war is never a necessary tool to bring forth a common goal.

Being a devout Christian, conflict and struggle are among the first and foremost matters that we want to abolish. It is a sad fact though, that war cannot be avoided. Over the course of our history, a major war occurs every 100years to try alter the system that the world runs on. As new superpowers arise, the balance will shift and countries will begin having conflicts. Sad as it is, war will happen. Movies, story books and other literary devices will continue to glorify its image because people need a way to escape reality, think action movies or cartoons. Humans cannot bear the agony that war brings. There will always be more creative springs for us to hide our emotions about war but like what I said, it is a sad fact of life.