An Autumn Weekend Getaway

The end of summer- the end of fun? Autumn is usually associated with work, rain, start of the school year and all the other things we tried to forget about during the summer. But who says you have to forget about having fun? It does not matter if it is the middle of October. Just take a few days off from work, or just a weekend and make plans to relax and have fun. Get out of the crowded city and just enjoy a few days in the middle of the nature.

Autumn weekend getaway- adored by romantics. If you are a romantic person, surprise your loved one by planning an escapade just for the two of you. Choose a hotel or an inn in the countryside and spend fantastic moments of passion and tenderness. It is said that watching the wonderful colors of an autumn sunset can make you fall in love in an instant. No one can deny that autumn is the most romantic season of the year.

Long walks in the most fabulous landscape. If go for a hotel in the countryside you will be amazed by the fantastic colors of the autumn nature. It seems like a great painter came and threw his water colors on the trees, making leaves blush in front of such a beauty. Hearing leaves rustle under your shoes is like hearing tender words from your loved one. Hold hands like you are children and take time to admire every inch of the wonderful surroundings. You will definitely become more caring and gentle.

Choose a luxury rural hotel. Hotels in the countryside can offer you all the comfort and luxury you need. Furthermore you get to enjoy the benefits of living in the rural area. You can take deep breathes of fresh air, dine in the garden and listen to the wind whistling through the trees. There are hotels located near the water, like the hotels in Henley on Thames that are decorated wisely to blend in the rural architecture. You can have all the comfort you would have had in the city plus the unique experience of being close to the nature.

Visit the surroundings. Do not hesitate to ask the hotel staff to pack you a picnic basket. Take a blanket with you and enjoy having lunch near the water. Do not worry if it rains. Just cuddle with your loved one in front of the fireplace and listen to the rain drops as they touch the window.