An Extreme School Assembly Program Rocks!

In the "old" days, the announcement of a school assembly was enough to make the majority of students groan. Today, with the popularity of extreme sports, your school can take the groan out of any reaction and replace it with gasps of excitation when you schedule an extreme school assembly program that provides action, daring stunts and a message that you want to get across to kids of any age.

It does not matter if you need a school assembly program for Red Ribbon Week, or Drug Awareness issues, or even regularly scheduled "talks" about bicycle safety, bullying or self-motivational issues. An extreme sports show will offer an event that kids will remember for years to come. The popularity of BMX racing and stunt team shows is a great place to start when planning an assembly that will pack a punch with the anti-drug or anti-bullying message you want to share with elementary, junior high or high school students. Kids, even those in elementary school, do not want to hear the same lectures about such topics, so it's vital that school and civic leaders find new ways to inform and educate the youth in any community without turning them off the subject completely. No more heartfelt sighs and rolling eyes!

When you plan an extreme school assembly program, make sure you are hiring professionals. How can you tell the difference? Check out their background, where they've performed before, and if possible, and contact prior venues to ensure that safety for both professionals and students was first and foremost. Professional BMX stunt teams, for example, will have all their own equipment, like ramps, a public address system and a professional announcer who will deliver the message against drugs or bullying or drinking while the stunt show is progressing.

A professional extreme school assembly program will also ensure that the audience is involved in the action and message through constant, interactive involvement. Today, a school assembly program is the best way to empower and educate young audiences in a way that leaves an impact on attitudes and beliefs. Careful planning, a professional school assembly program stunt team performance and an exciting, information packed message will get the point across in a way that will not involve rolling eyes.