An Overview of Compound Bows

Protection, hunting tool, and a weapon of war are the most popular uses of a hunting bow in the early days. As the world has evolved and technology has become available; bows are no longer seen as a weapon for destruction, but as a tool for a sport or leisure. Archery has become a sport and an art for people to engage in; the world has gone beyond the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčarchery to be a method for defense or offense.

The International Archery Federation has become the governing body of archery. The compound bow is used in many events, sports and competitions the FITA organizes. The compound bow is allowed in a variety of categories in the Paralympics for it to exhibit its ability in the field of archery.

Hunting is another sport, which the compound bow is often used. It hunts for live game the same way the traditional hunting experience does but without the need to use guns. This, according to expert archer societies allows a more humane kill of the prey. It is legal to hunt for small and large game and is popular sport around the European and American regions.

A number of tactical approaches to bow hunting are available to the archers to choose from. There is a method, which requires stealth, good tactics, and strategy plus great accuracy; this is known as the close approach or stalking. This is where one stalks their prey until they have an open shot at the game. Another method requires stealth, strategy and a steady aim with good accuracy; this is called steady waiting or still hunting as one will remain in a strategic post and wait for their prey to come to them just like a Venus fly trap. As soon as the game comes as close as 30 yards, one good powerful shot should do the trick.

Another method for of hunting with bows is the bow fishing. This requires one to hunt fish using the bow just as its name suggests. Modern archery sports for the compound bow include target archery, which is among the most popular competitions in the globe. This is also a popular sport in the United States and in Europe. The setting is in a vast field usually marked wooden targets, which are set at different distances.

In some other category of the field archery, they use 3D targets, which will help prepare and simulate bow hunting. A number of 3D animal dummies are set at various distances and is marked with target rings the archers need to hit. This particular category enables a novice bow hunter to simulate the real hunt by means of practicing in this recreation of the sport while improving their accuracy, aim and strategic tactics. The compound bow has also become the favored choice in field archery; it has the trait of having the immunity against temperature and humidity changes which pose very little to no effect to its aim and accuracy.