An Overview of Lean Six Sigma Training

However, the Lean Six Sigma strategy is characterized by the fact that it uses both, the Six Sigma strategy as well as the Lean Manufacturing methodology. In this case, the Lean methodology mainly aims at quickness and efficiency of the work done, whereas the Six Sigma strategy mainly focuses on elimination of defects and improving the quality of the products.

Therefore, once both these methodologies are combined you have strategy that not only provides you with the best quality products but also provides them at an efficient speed.

Participation of Top Management

When it comes to imparting the Lean Six Sigma training, more emphasis is put on top management, so that they become actively involved in the training process. This is done in order to ensure that the employees do not refuse to go along with the training process.

This usually tends to happen when the trainers are appointed from places other than their organization and employees simply do not seem to be comfortable with outsiders imparting the Lean Six Sigma training to them. In order to counter these acts or simply avoid such situations, it is important that the company appoints the higher officials of the organization itself as trainers so that they will command respect over the employees and at the same time, resolves any of the employee's doubts with respect to the Lean Six Sigma training process.

This makes the training environment very comfortable for employees as well as for the trainers.

The Role of Top Management

When top management commands respect from employees, it does not mean that those people have to be present all the time during the Lean Six Sigma training process. The catch is that the employees should be able to feel top management's presence during the training process – and this simply calls for better involvement of these higher officials during the imparting of the training.

The frequency of the presence of top management or departmental heads should be there at least three to four times a week. However, better involvement on the part of the departmental heads does not mean that they are supposed to explain all of the technical details of the strategy themselves to the employees.

That's because that is something that a certified trainer is supposed to do, unless you are well versed about the AZ of Lean Six Sigma strategy. The department heads are only supposed to teach the advantages of the Lean Six Sigma strategy and the effects on its adoption.

They are responsible of getting feedback from employees about the training process and ways to improve the training so that it will be more beneficial to them.

The Results of Training

The results of Lean Six Sigma training can easily be measured, provided that the employees know what to do and when is the best time to do it. Another important thing to be remembered is that more emphasis should be given on the practical tests instead of the brief examination in a theoretical format.

This helps ion preparing the employees for any situation turning them into expert Lean Six Sigma strategists.