Anabolic Pump – 90 Caps

The Anabolic Pump of 90 caps was developed by USP Labs. It is in a category of supplements called Selective Insulin Muscle Sensitizers or SIMS. SIMS stimulate the muscle cells and help to absorb glucose better than insulin can. SIMS block glucose uptake as well into the fat cells. This means that muscles grow faster and fat is burned quicker as well. After taking a does there is a noticeable difference in the body’s feeling.

However, occasionally there is some insulin resistance that does occur in some people However, this does not mean that it is not working and will not working. It will actually help the body be more sensitive to GLUT4. It should be used for at least 30 days to see the difference. Also, there is no cycling required with Anabolic Pump, the ingredients have been tested to be safe and effective in different clinical trials and studies.

AP utilizes the human hormone anabolic as insulin. Food is the most anabolic substance anywhere, so AP utilizes this to grow the muscles like nothing else can. By increasing insulin and eating regularly, there will be huge strength and size gains. It also increases GLUT4 that helps to striate the the muscle cells with exercise and insulin.

GLUT 4 is a transport protein that moves glucose into the muscles and fat cells. It is activated with insulin and exercise.. GLUT 4 is suppressed in fat cells and Anabolic Pump increases GLUT 4 so that there is less insulin that is secreted when in the presence of GLUT 4stimulation.

AP can also be used with other supplements. It can be stacked for maximum results and this can double or triple the effectiveness of other supplements. However, other insulin mimicking supplements should not be taken while taking Anabolic Pump. An increase in complex carbohydrates does need to be eaten for the maximum benefits to be achieved from Anabolic Pump.

The diet should not be changed initially when taking Anabolic Pump and slowly increase the carbohydrate intake by 10 grams a day. Women can take it also, but regardless of who takes it, it should be taken within 15 minutes of exercising. The maximum results from it will then be achieved.

AP will help to:

* Increase muscle mass.

* Reduce body fat.

* Gain layers of muscles.

* Increased focus and energy.

* Delivers proteins rapidly.

* Amino acids and carbohydrates are also delivered quickly.

* Stops fat cells from multiplying.

* 100% safe and effective.

* Muscles will be engorged with nutrient rich blood.

On average a person using Anabolic Pump will gain 7.3 pounds of muscles in 14 days. There are 90 servings per container of Anabolic Pump. On the days that training is occurring, take 1 capsule, three times that day, 15 minutes before eating. Should be taken in the morning, before working out and after working out when eating. On days when training is not occurring, take 1 capsule, three times a day, 15 minutes before eating with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Anabolic Pump consists of:

* P-Insulin – 750 milligrams – engineered from extract of Phellodendron.

* Tannins Complex – engineered from extract of Lagerstroemia Speciosa.

People who have used Anabolic Pump found that they could eat carbs and still lose body fat while gaining muscle. They also found that it did pump their muscles and took it consistently for 60 days to see maximum results.