Anal Fistula – Homeopathic Treatment

Anal fistula, anorectal fistula or fistula-in-ano, as it is called, is the abnormal connection or passageway near the anus area between the organs which are not connected. Fistula occurs when an abscess develops in the anal glands and when the opening of the glands gets blocked; the infection is confined to that area as it is not able to drain out in the rectum. It forms an abscess or a pus boil which will keep on growing inwards to form a tract. Its primary opening is inside the anal canal and the secondary is in the peri-anal skin. Whenever the opening gets blocked, an abscess develops and the tract will increase in size. There may also be more openings or multiple tracts in a chronic case. It is a very rare case and can happen in 10 out of 100,000 population. Males are more prone to this with people from the age group of 30-50 years.

There is a surgical procedure for the treatment of anal fistula. But sadly, it proves to be a temporary solution as the fistulas recur. The surgery has its own risks and complications like bleeding, delayed wound healing, urinary retention, stool incontinence, stenosis due to fibrosis, thrombosed hemorrhoids, fecal impaction and many more. The risks can be prevented and one can get to know about it through online healthcare services.

Homeopathy has a long term solution for such long term suffering, continuing years after the surgery. Though homeopathy has not been termed as exact science and been ridiculed as a placebo effect, it does work slowly and steadily to relieve from pain. The homeopathic medicine first works on controlling the infection which helps to prevent the formation and development of abscess. It then works on development of new tissues to close down the tract. When the tissues are re-deposited, the opening is closed and fistula gets cured permanently. Homeopathy is slow and steady and the treatment may get prolonged, based on the depth and length of the tract. May be surprised One to know That there are On 72 remedies in homeopathy for Anal Fistula .

Homeopathic medicine like Hepar Sulphuricum is given when the patient has a large and painful abscess near the anal region. The medicine causes the abscess to open up and drain out the pus. The medicine Silica is used when the fistula recurs frequently and does not heal completely. Due to this, chronic constipation occurs and the rectal muscles do not function properly. The fistula problem alternates with the chest problems and in this medication, the abscess and fistula leave thick scars. The inter-current remedy when all other medicines are failing is Bacillinum, which improves vitality and clears up the case.