Analytical Data to Consider for Crafting an Ideal Email Subject Line

Alright fellow online marketers, allow us to clear the mist!

Subject lines could be among the most aggravating elements of email advertising and marketing. But, how can something potentially be brief, enjoyable, captivating, tempting, as well as engaging at the exact same time?

It does take a mixture of all these feelings to draft a complete email subject. Consequently, marketing experts are tortured by a couple of common inquiries:

• Are shorter lines better?
• What should be the optimum count of characters?
• Does the size matter?

Frequently, the responses to such inquiries stay in the statistical information we are about to distinguish. However, in order to deal with figures, we need to have a sequential process in place to analyze the actual data essential for creating catchy subject lines.

Information Collection

There is a commonly mistaken belief that the best question to ask would certainly be: what subject size associates to greater open rate? The metrics to scrutinize during this stage are:

• Subject line
• Number of emails sent
• Number of emails delivered
• Unique open rate
• Open rate%
• Number of clicks achieved
• Click-to-open rate%
• Unsubscribe rate%

Evaluating Information

A majority of our lines lie in between 4 to 9 words, which simply is considered to be secure. However, we tested a couple of key metrics with 4-9 as well as 10 or above words range, to identify the subject line size providing the highest degree of interaction and this is what we found out:

• Average open rate% turned out to be highest for 4-6 words.
• Average click to open rate% turned out to be highest for 7-9 words.

The open rates really did not associate with click to open rates. Engagement turned out to be a key aspect here, and not just opening up emails. It makes good sense as well.

It is clearly evident here that, a 4-word subject line does not convey the actual intent of email content in spite of an initial buzz. Here, most individuals prefer to click an email with a 9-word subject line since they had a much better feeling of email's idea right from the beginning.

Take the information and put it to an optimum use

And finally, it is time now to know what we are looking for!

We had thousands of emails sent out and here is what we found with regards to the metrics that we had listed in the beginning:

• Open Rate turned out to be highest for 4-5 words, an average for 6-7 words, while lowest for 8 or above words with the number of opens holding same statistics.
• Click to Open Rate turned out to be highest for 6-7 as well as 9 words, average for 4-5 words as well as 10+ words, while lowest for 8 words.

Here, the overall number of clicks proved to be highest for 7 words while lowest for 8 words. Clearly, the champion turned out to be 7 words for total interaction, with 8 words appearing as a shocker! It displayed nearly half the efficiency with just one less word.

As far as the numbers of characters are concerned, an average 7-word subject line should potentially have an average count of 35-49 characters. However, do not go by characters. Instead, keep the words in mind.

What subject line ideas do you need to share? Have you discovered any other emailing secrets? Share it with your comments below!