Ang Ku Kueh – Chinese Bean Snacks!

Ang Ku Kueh is a must have Chinese snack on special occasions like celebrating the first-month of newlyborn baby, wedding days, etc for the Chinese. It has a red skin wrap with crushed bean paste, and is filling after taking two to three pieces. It's also sweet tasting. Red has been an auspicious color and believed to bring in luck!

Here's the recipe of how to make Ang Ku Kueh, try out this recipe today!

  • Green Pea 150 g
  • (Soak overnight, remove from water, steam until soften)
  • Vegetable oil 2 tablespoon
  • Sugar 150 g
  • Yam 100 g
  • (Steam until soften and mash it)
  • Skin Ingredients
  • Glutinous rice flour 250 g
  • Coconut Milk 100 ml
  • Castor Sugar 1 tablespoon
  • Vegetable Oil 1 tablespoon
  • Yam 100 g
  • (Steam until soften and mashed)
  • Purple coloring – A few drops
  • Other ingredients
  • Banana leaf (cut into rectangular shapes) 1 piece
  • Filling Methods / Instructions
    1. Put steamed green peas and oil into a mixing and blend it together while it is still hot.
    2. Add in the remaining filling ingredients and mix well.
    3. Divide into small round portions. (Kueh's fillings)

    Skin Methods / Instructions

    1. Mix all the skin ingredients into a soft dough.
    2. Divide it into small portions.
    3. Shape into round and flatten it. Wrap it with filling and shape it using a wooden mold.
    4. Put it on a grown piece of banana leaf. Repeat 3 & 4 with the rest of portioned dough.
    5. Put the shaped dough on a plate. Steam it with high heat for 8 minutes.
    6. When it is cooked and ready to serve, brush it with oil while it is still hot.