Angelic Realms – Angel of the Moon Ophaniel

In this Earthly Realm, the Moon dictates the rise and fall of the tides. It marks the passing of time and travels the night skies, waxing and waning completing an ancient and timeless cycle every thirty-days.

There is a sense of order within the Heavens and it is the same here in this Earthly Realm of dense physical energy.

The moon is a symbol of Divine Order on all levels and in all directions of time and space as we know and understand it.

With each passing phase of the Moon, different energies give rise to different energetic intensities and emotions.

They are cycles of introspection and self-reflection, growth and expansion, rest and detachment.

Our life and energy flow with more grace and ease when we pay attention to the natural ebb and flow within the Cycle of Divine Order.

Ophaniel is the Angel of Divine Order, Angel of the Moon. She helps us manage the infinite cycles we experience at any given moment.

Many people practice rituals and sacred ceremonies under the fullness of the Moon as it transitions into the next cycle of completion and renewal once again.

Where there is a sense of order, there is also a sense of calm. In the center of all things there is a desire for oneness with cosmic consciousness as everything unfolds within and without.

Being in the flow of Divine Order deepens our connection with our inner-self, that part of us that craves that something more, that deeper and higher connection with our infinite and unlimited potential.

Going with the flow instead of against it, allows intuitive guidance to magically show-up in our lives and everything seems to just simply fall into place around us effortlessly.

Ophaniel is here to help us flow within the cycles of Divine Order managing emotions and energy that support us and our purpose in all ways.

When we let go, surrendering to the natural flow of the Heavens and the Universe, there is less stress and drama in our daily experience.

Ask the Angel of Moon to help you regulate and manage your internal cycles of work, rest and play. This cycle is different for each one of us and yet there is a sense of symmetry that flows within and through each of us.

This flow connects us to one another as if in a cosmic dance filled with rhythm and balance… this is Divine Order.

Of course we have the gift of choice to go with the natural flow or pushing against what we know to be truth, causing resistance, lack and delay. The choice is always ours to make.