Angels – Angel of Forgiveness Balthiel

Forgiveness is such an important and essential part of the manifestation process and here’s why… when there is any thought or emotion that lowers our inner-vibration, there is something to forgive.

In its most simplistic from, forgiveness is releasing you from emotional prison. Any negative emotion causes lack and delay to attracting prosperity and abundance, clients and customers and being able to recognize and say “yes” to opportunities.

Being able to truly forgive others and ourselves in the process, not only clears all channels for increased giving and receiving, it also raises our inner-wealth frequency.

It isn’t about saying that what someone said or did was okay or that you are opening yourself up to attracting more of the same.

It is however, giving you permission to let go of the hurt, freeing you to move forward. Anytime we are able to let go of anything — and anyone — that feels like a burden, we raise our inner-vibration.

The Angel of Forgiveness, Balthiel, will help you understand the truth of forgiving others and yourself. He will help you go below the surface of the pain you feel so you can get to the root cause and release all that no longer serves you.

Ask Balthiel to help you detach from the drama, so you can truly see how to free yourself with love and compassion.

He helps you surrender and accept the past as part of who you are and embrace the present with an open heart.

Ask for help with emotional healing, releasing you and your heart from painful memories and experiences. You can ask for guidance to create healthy boundaries to empower you.

Be willing to accept responsibility for your actions, the part or parts that are yours. This isn’t about assuming full and complete responsibility for everything.

This isn’t an easy part of your inner-journey. It is essential if you are going to move forward, being open to receive all you want, need and desire.

Thoughts and emotions that lower your vibration, also lowers your point of attraction. When your point of attraction is low, you attract less of what you want and more of what you don’t want… that is the Law of Vibration.

Don’t believe me? Look around at the experiences and people in your life. Are you able to connect with your Angelic Guides? Are you getting the guidance, messages or clarity you want?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you really need to raise your inner-vibration.

Our journey through the Heaven of Creation and the Angelic Realms of Powers, Virtues and Dominions is now complete.

Each Realm has its specific purpose in helping us heal our relationship with ourselves and with the people in our lives, past and present.

On every level, there is healing work to do. I do wish there was a point of completion. Unfortunately, healing continues as we keep on reaching for that next level of Spiritual Expansion, increased prosperity and step out beyond our comfort zone into the unknown.

As you open yourself to all that is shown to you, you will begin to sense energy shifts more intensely and more frequently. This is nothing to be alarmed about, just remember to breathe and ask Angels to help you embrace the changes with an open heart.